Jan 9 2018

Think About This…

Watched a show last night on awakening, and the raw power of the placebo effect and why hasn’t there been more study and discovery into the placebo?
In short, $$$$$$

The placebo is the body’s ability to heal itself, the mind as well.

How much money would be lost in the stepping over dead bodies of the pharmaceutical market and industry if people learned how to heal themselves?

The body has always had this ability.

But you can’t make money off of it.

This is often said to the the best time for we humans to be alive.

I don’t know about that, because I see society being suppressed into non thinking, vitality lacking, non conscious, beings solely for making money on.

Where as centuries ago, humans possessed incredible conscious awareness to heal themselves and hone other abilities we have forgot or more so been taught to neglect

I’m no conspiracist, I’m a thinker and question the fucked up status quo of we live in today