Nov 28 2017

Training Tip: Choose Wisely.

We use trap bar deadlifts for the reward of max strength with less risk of form break down, excessive lumbar flexion, rounding of the spine ,whole spine period rounding and feeling beat up.

Training time is precious. We want more bang for our buck in less time in the strength room to recover for skill workouts.

The skills pay the bills.

Be care with exercise selection, consider the risk vs reward of it, for example, we don’t use behind the head over head Barbell presses, one reason the close packed position of the shoulder joint.

We use exercises that get us strong without feeling excessively beat up with the risk of injury due to technical complexity and more importantly are patterns in our striking sport. ( The squat, bend, lunge, twist, hinge, pull, and press all are.)

Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, Strong Man training are ALL sports within their own.

Practice and train for skill, become stronger, faster, and more explosive with exercise that make sense for your training age, training experience, and fighting art at hand

Oct 28 2014

Mastering Mindfulness.

We have been living in the distraction age and it gets worse as technology continues to expand removing the human experience from humans with its continued climb.

I just caught myself with this when searching for a new phone, I became perplexed on what phone offered more and why. But then came back to what is a phone for? Talking of course and the convenience of texts, but texting has created a different language of its own, emotionless communication.. Why do I care for all these other apps then? Games and bullshit like that?

For my business the features on a phone I do need are a camera to record and take photos, and a gps, for the traveling we do.

As far as data, more is not better because it’s more destruction, playing on hour phone, when walking, talking with others and yes even driving.

More data = more distraction.

So to combat that I signed up for the Verizon loyalty plan, only 2 g’s of data but that is more than a enough. Outside of calls and texts the phone stays out of my hand outside the gym when I’m not recording or taking photos.

I’m combating distraction with being present more. I have read a lot of books about this over the years but after reading 10% Happier, it was really driven in to me.

Before reading that book I was driving more with the radio off just paying attention more, looking at the scenery etc…

I like how the book teaches how to practice mindfulness throughout the day.

I have a book with me everywhere I got so when stopped in traffic I would read or when waiting in line at the bmv etc.

Sure that is learning or reading for pleasure but still distraction. As the books teaches, instead take time to breathe and focus on it, when walking feel your steps and breath.

Weird you may be thinking? Glued to your phone, wearing headphones all the time with garbage being blasted through your ears distracting you eves more is fucked up.

We all do it at times.

There is a war now to combat this technological age of distraction to being even more mindful, present, centered.

With thinking crisper, sharper, and more focused on what’s really important flowing from that.

Basically as I was taught, don’t zone out, but practice more on zoning in. Your quality of life will greatly improve.

Oct 8 2014

Wildcard Visit With Freddie Roach.

GREAT conversation with Freddie. Fuck if this could have been recorded! A lot of great topics were discussed.

I asked Freddie what was the biggest thing he learned from Eddie Futch? Freddie said don’t change a fighter from what they do well as in turn a boxer into an aggressive stalking fighter and vise versa.

Freddie said he and Eddie’s number one rule of training what they foremost embody is ring generalship.

Freddie loved Ray Arcel too. Freddie said Arcel & Futch BOTH worked his corner once, he was so ecstatic talking about it, a highlight of his career.

Losing is overrated. Fighters are scared to lose their 0 they don’t grow from tough challenges. He said a loss can be the best thing to happen to a fighter. In self assessment and further growth from that. Growth hand picked wins never come close to producing. Losing is part of winning.

Look at how much better Lennox Lewis became after Oliver McCall knocked him out.

Nobody ever taught Cotto how to cut off the ring he said Cotto didn’t know how, nobody taught him.

Freddie said James Toney had everything to be the best fighter ever, if only he trained and focused.

Nobody taught Oscar to cut off the ring then Freddie got on the floor and showed me how Oscar started to move toward Floyd and follow him around which took away Oscar’s jab which worked from cutting off the ring.

A fighter will fall back into their engrained habits.

Freddie said GGG is damn near in great position at all times and he praised Abel Sanchez for teaching GGG that ring generalship.

Some other very interesting things he said about some other known trainers, experiences with them, that I will keep to myself.

I will say integrity is a key word there.

We had a very candid real conversation. That made my day.



Mar 23 2014

Don”t Act Your Age.

Don’t act your age but train your age. -Dan John

My thoughts….

Some age unrecognizably fast, others with grace, slow as molasses keeping vibrant youth in and out. It’s all lifestyle, sleep, eat, drink(water), think (thoughts), self image which dictates all as in what you think you are on the inside does in fact appear on the outside, the real self sabotage, and training, mobility, strength, b…ack in the day, the weak and feeble were left behind as the tribe moved on, and lean muscles mass which is the 24/7 inferno fat burning keeping the lard off your ass regulator, and finally laughter, those who laugh more, do in fact live longer and look better. Constant excessive stress shrivels people up like a raisin.

So strip the enslaving to some and liar to many others chronological age is, How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? As in the truth of biological age is.