Nov 11 2014

How To Evolve As A Coach & Trainer.

I just spent the last two days learning from coaches who have been in the trenches training athletes for years. I cannot express enough how much I enjoy and appreciate that rich truth of training. These coaches were not info marketers wearing the mask of coaches, their personal stories of their coaching journey/evolution and lessons learned/mistakes made along the way was genuine, what I resonate with, because it is the truth, some gurus portray themselves as gods, as if they have never made mistakes, and are immune to them, above them.

One presenter who’s real world experience is vast compared to today’s internet only coaches talk about working on his FIRST book, yet there are school teachers and people who have worked jobs in a cubicle for years writing books on the secrets of training. Who have no case histories nor the integrity to collect data/results in the gym for several years to display concrete proof before writing about it or creating a product, so they regurgitate methodology, repackage it and sell it.

I have recently deleted such coaches from my friends list for lack of professional respect. You have gym owners who have no clue about training, who don’t go to seminars, don’t care too, yet front as coaches and being professional. Giving shake and bake, cut & paste program design

Reading books is one thing, but to speak with the authors of some and ask them questions is another, to speak with presenters and pick their brains more after the lecture is gold.

I value the strength/conditioning friends I enjoy talking and am good friends with because they are just as proactive and discuss what they are doing with what they have learned at a conference, seminar, or book in the gym, their goals of athletic development, creating champions and who suggest courses, conferences, and books to me as well.

You become like those who you surround yourself with, seek the real coaches, learn from their real life lessons, their humility of the process, let the suckers who are born every minute deal with the info marketers whom have never created any successful sustained proof of their competence training athletes, yet who claim to possess the secrets of training. LOL………

Jan 23 2014

Real Talk!

This is written by Thomas Plummer. Brilliant as usualĀ from him.

Life is too short to hang out with idiots. One of the most common problems we encounter working with fitness professionals is that as they grow and progress their support group often fails them. You get a better job, a new certification or open another gym and think your posse or family will get all happy for you, but the reality is that often that group of friends will sometimes quietly work …against you. Your success is their failure in that now the pressure is on them to match that success and many people simply won’t grow and resent that you are changing and they can’t/won’t. The painful truth is that sometimes those you trust the most are the ones that sabotage that new job, new workout or new business. Preparing for success means you surround yourself with motivated people chasing life at full speed and that drive you to create and grow.


Oct 18 2012

The Art Of Coaching.

Here’s a post I shared on my facebook page about the art of coaching in my opinion. Let me know if you have any thoughts by posting a comment below.

Coaching is such an art and craft. Those of use that own gyms or train athletes/students understand this very well. The difference in communicating with pro athletes to amateurs to early teenagers to pre teens to 6-9 years olds of both genders can be fascinating and you learn and strengthen your coaching skills this way. Just tonight little 7 hear old Trey expressed his reluctance in sparring to hit Amari cause he said he was his friend and he was embarrassed and how I had to coach him to adjust/change his emotions to competitive camaraderie (in a way he understood) sportsmanship and confidence in front of people.

That’s a different approach when I’m communicating sparring stress with a NHL hockey player, pro fighter, adult student, or teen and pre teen. I think it’s hilarious and a mistake when I hear some trainers scoff and say they only really want to train pro athletes… Really? Then you will be a half ass coach and communicator. Trainers like that will never fully develop in my opinion. Coaching from the youth up is an amazing experience and you build a great well rounded coaching back bone. I feel to work with a nice mixture like this keeps you sharp and steady learning. Athletes & fighters sometimes forget that we coaches are always learning too or growing stale. I’m with the former and steady growth.