Jun 23 2015

Where and How To Develop Long Lasting Strength.

In my life I have tasted defeat in several areas but always bounced back stronger and smarter from them because I took them for what they were, lessons, was I heartbroken and mindlessly discouraged at first? Yes!
But there is something that has developed inner strength in me, preserveance, GRIT, and the ability to ENDURE.
Boxing. Not juse a month of classs either.
For many years training and competing, and still training and competing WITH myself.
I have been coached for years. I have been taught how to belive in myself because that’s where success flows from.
This is why I don’t pay a life coach to tell me I can do it, or need feel comfortable opening up to people about issues I may be dealing.
I have learned to resolve them myself with some guidance from somebody experienced in what I’m dealing with of course when needed.
I see people talking about being tough, liking it because it feels good, talking about what it takes, easy to say and much harder to do.

I see people paying others for a week end or week of toughing up, to be strong, all about making $$, people misled.
Learn a martial art to develop this.

Nothing comes fast or easy, the compound effect is true in everything, what is EARNED lasts.
Boxing, judo, BJJ wrestling, Muay Thai, all develop LEGIT inner strength and confidence.
Good gyms and instructors anyway.

If you are gonna pay someone to build you up, pay one of these martial artist instructors.
What you learn IN time is invaluable.
There is not always strength in numbers.

One must know how to go within for strength and guidance, all we need to know is within, all the great teachers in history became enlightened from this.
That’s why one can read all they want, pay a biz coach, have all these coaches and SO what? That means shit if they don’t believe.

What boxing has taught me, and what other martial arts can, helped me more than paying any biz coach could, because I went within for what I really needed to do and did it, because I was the one who had to do it.

Actions actions actions.

Learn to depend and believe in yourself. Learn to go within, how to be silent, those go hand in hand, or where the door exists, save your money and develop a real identity and strength.

Jun 25 2014

The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself.

The best gift you can give to yourself is an ideal healthy lifestyle followed by working out. Reading the right books as well I may add.

Everything in life is that much better with a strong body and mind. Everything in life comes together that much better.

The ultimate definition of madness is to sacrifice health for wealth. I see people fixing up their houses adding on etc, buying nice vehicles, yet neglect their own health in the process eating like complete shit while looking and feeling like it.

So that is the way to live? To walk around in a body like that and to think distorted thoughts with a mind encased in that??

The real key to life is the QUALITY of life. Not just prolonging it with pharmaceutical drugs while living in a clueless daze.

Take care of yourself. You are all you got. And when you are at your best you have that much more to give others as life itself has that much to offer you in return.