Nov 28 2017

Training Tip: Choose Wisely.

We use trap bar deadlifts for the reward of max strength with less risk of form break down, excessive lumbar flexion, rounding of the spine ,whole spine period rounding and feeling beat up.

Training time is precious. We want more bang for our buck in less time in the strength room to recover for skill workouts.

The skills pay the bills.

Be care with exercise selection, consider the risk vs reward of it, for example, we don’t use behind the head over head Barbell presses, one reason the close packed position of the shoulder joint.

We use exercises that get us strong without feeling excessively beat up with the risk of injury due to technical complexity and more importantly are patterns in our striking sport. ( The squat, bend, lunge, twist, hinge, pull, and press all are.)

Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, Strong Man training are ALL sports within their own.

Practice and train for skill, become stronger, faster, and more explosive with exercise that make sense for your training age, training experience, and fighting art at hand

Nov 17 2014

The mindset of Cus D’Amato, lessons on boxing and life.

Mar 3 2014

Boxing Strength Training Q/A: Zercher Squats.

Hey coach, I have question. I’m on a basic Westside routine. How do you feel incorporating Zerchers into a max effort day? If so, would you use it for the max squat or deadlift?


James, I love zerchers for my fighters, we rotate them in, I like using a sandbag for Zerchers. Zerchers are a squat, the load is anterior of the body, much like the front squat we we use more than a back squat because since the load lies anterior of the body the thoracic extensors are recruited heavily to keep the trunk erect when squatting. It’s a great core exercise too. So yes, Zerchers are squats and great to cycle in, try a sandbag with the offset loading effect, you just can’t load the Zercher as much with the barbell is the really only downfall. I hope this helps James.