Nov 17 2014

The mindset of Cus D’Amato, lessons on boxing and life.

Mar 3 2014

Boxing Strength Training Q/A: Zercher Squats.

Hey¬†coach, I have question. I’m on a basic Westside routine. How do you feel incorporating Zerchers into a max effort day? If so, would you use it for the max squat or deadlift?


James, I love zerchers for my fighters, we rotate them in, I like using a sandbag for Zerchers. Zerchers are a squat, the load is anterior of the body, much like the front squat we we use more than a back squat because since the load lies anterior of the body the thoracic extensors are recruited heavily to keep the trunk erect when squatting. It’s a great core exercise too. So yes, Zerchers are squats and great to cycle in, try a sandbag with the offset loading effect, you just can’t load the Zercher as much with the barbell is the really only downfall. I hope this helps James.