Jan 18 2016

Try This Posterior Chain Exercise.

Nov 24 2014

Louie Simmons Interview: Westside Barbell Inception, History, Training, & Attitude.

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Jul 11 2014

Injury Prevention Tip: Indian Club Training.

Louie Simmons first introduced me to Indian Clubs back in August 2008. They have had a consistent place in my warm up since then.

The clubs are thousands of years old.

I do a max effort upper workout every week plus a speed workout (speed… bench, plyo pushups, depth push ups etc) , with de loads planned in and do 2-3 boxing workouts per week hitting a big 200+ heavy bag, body snatcher etc…

My point, that’s a lot of joint compression, joint wear period.

The Indian clubs are a great injury prevention tool, mobility, and conditioning tool training entrance and with the bigger ones as I’m using in this pic… Grip strength/endurance.

You can swing this a myriad of ways, both internally and externally.

I use these as a warm up but you could throw these in a conditioning circuit as well. Having had no orthopedic shoulder injury to date for as aggressive as I train and the compression my shoulder joints undertake.

Train your body but also take care of it.

I will post a video of Louie Simmons doing a tutorial of the clubs in the comment section. See More

Jun 17 2014

Boxing Strength Training Tip: Power Walks With The Sled.


John “Jackie Chan” Phan doing power walks with the sled to build up the hips and posterior chain.

Want more power? Do these to build excellent strength in the legs so when you sit down and dig into your punches you will be delivering that much force into your opponent. That driving ripping power that strong legs deliver and weak legs leave behind.

We like to do 1 heavy day of sled a week of short distance. 1 medium day of longer 50-60 yards. Then 1 light day for recovery and cardiac output conditioning training.

Old school with new school