Apr 8 2014

Everything Flows From This……..

Nothing beats a good deep night of sleep, for me it sets the tone for the day and its the rudder of the day. When I sleep bad I’m a different dude, everything is that much harder for me, i don’t think with the same mindset, or have that drive, but when I sleep good, it’s on, firing from all cylinders, looking through problems at solutions instead of being consumed by them.

Sleep is the life barometer for us all.

Through tens of thousands of years of evolution we are designed this way From the hours of 10pm to 2am is when physical recovery takes place, recovery hormones released, growth hormones etc..

From 2am-6am is when psychogenic/mental recovery takes place.

During early evening hours Artificial light, cell phones, computers etc raise cortisol levels (a catabolic destructive hormone) to prevent you from falling into a deep restful sleep because you are stimulated by the above.

Sleeping outside those hours robs you of precious recovery.

Lack of quality sleep can kill you. It’s the first thing to manage with lifestyle as performance flows off of that, recovery does, aches & pains keep coming, body comp declines, as does mindset, there is nothing without quality sleep.

It dictates everything.


Please comment below with any questions. Thank you…

Sep 23 2013

This Will Make Or Break You.

Woke up this morning feeling like a Greek God.

Getting my sleep dialed back in is why.

Sleep makes or breaks us, it significantly affects training.

The anabolic or catabolic hormones that are released and flood your body are greatly influenced by sleep.

Program design must be based off of lifestyle.must

Meaning if you come into the gym from a night of no sleep and your readieness level is low, the program, or shall I say workouts since many trainers program on the fly nowadays, changes.

From 10pm-2am, it’s anabolic hormonal physical repair, from 2am-6am, physcogenic repair.

You wanna train harder and be better?

Sleep better!