Nov 24 2014

Louie Simmons Interview: Westside Barbell Inception, History, Training, & Attitude.

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Feb 14 2014

How To Grow Faster In Your Boxing Training& Strength Training Workouts.

Powerlifting and fighting are very corelated.

Those that both lift heavy fights, fight, or just competitve spar know this truth.

Technique makes or breaks both a lifter & fighter. Fact.

Just as in sparring if you keep getting lit up when you spar experienced fighters you are not yet there to peak for a fight, more technical skill work needs to be done to move forward.

You can get away with s…hit technique when playing with small weights, up to a point till joint wear ruins ya, just like sparring a less experienced fighter will let you get away with bad habits and technique.

Its the same with getting under a heavy bar and rising to the occasion when you try to break a PR with non ideal technique. It’s not happening.

A miss with a loaded barbell is like getting schooled in sparring. You don’t know and jave what you thought you did to do what you wanted to do.

The loaded barbell is your opponent in the strength room where the opponent in the ring has two feet and hands that can crush you just as equally if you are not technically there yet.

Not respecting both will crush and severely hurt you.

In the bench I have finally realized I will not reach my goal of 500lbs until my technique improves. How I have gotten as strong as I have with the technique that I have is beyond me. Sheer will it seams.

Just as quality experienced sparring patterns will greatly improve your growth as a fighter at a much faster rate.

A group of smart, strong lifters who can cue and coach well will do the same as a lifter.

That’s why I’m coming to the 8am crew on Wed mornings. In time, I will be better technically, with the strength I have in me and still developing flowing off that.

Technique makes or breaks you in both.

So does training solo, or with an inexperienced group, or with the right group, strong and experienced.

From being a fighter I understand and get this.