Oct 31 2009

Mythical Match Ups!

Here’s some mythical match ups for you all to enjoy! Disagree? Well, state your opinion.

Rob, your thoughts on the following super fights

Roberto Duran vs Floyd Mayweather
Ray Leonard vs Floyd Mayweather
Roberto Duran vs Aaron Pryor
Thomas Hearns vs Floyd Mayweather

Roberto Duran vs Floyd Mayweather

Floyd has problems with fighters with great speed, reflexes, and movement as again was demonstrated early in the Judah fight.

Duran was a pure fighter, strong in all areas where Floyd was impressive in most, Duran could do more and hit like a fucking mule.

There’s several fighters that could stop Floyd Jr. and Duran is at the top of the list.

He would be just to fierce for Floyd to keep off and cope with. That shoulder roll would do shit against Duran, Duran mentally breaks down Floyd by slipping his fast punches and then timing them with pin point accuracy, then breaks him down physically with brutal body shots having fun all the way and taunting Floyd Jr. to a 8th round tko victory.

Floyd is fast but so what, Duran was a pure fighter with superior skills and equal speed.

Ray Leonard vs Floyd Mayweather

Ray Leonard would whip Floyd Jr’s ass like he whipped his daddy Floyd Sr’s ass.

Leonard was stronger, hit harder, had faster feet, faster hands, was smarter, tougher, and could make adjustments faster.

Look at Ray’s fight with Benitez….I feel Wilfredo Benitez ( who doesn’t get mentioned enough ) was faster than Floyd AND better and Ray handled his speed in a tough fight.

I think Leonard would fuck with Floyd’s head with his speed and style. He’d frustrate Floyd like his father with his movement, speed, and anticipation.

Ray would display phenomenal ring generalship that would make Floyd Jr. look ordinary.

Ray was everything Floyd was bet just at a higher level.

Roberto Duran vs Aaron Pryor

This fight would have been sick to watch. Probably a 4 or 5 fight series.

The Hawk was a killer as Duran. Pryor would be stronger while Duran faster.

Duran’s power would be in his speed and this would be a fight that would take both fighters to higher levels than they displayed in previous fights.

Who could do more? I feel Duran as he could box better while sitting down on his punches. You see, Pryor would crush pure boxers in the ring with his relentlessness… Duran could box brilliantly yet welcome that onslaught with a sneer and his own hell.

Duran by close decision, if they fought several times I could see a draw as several fights would leave both fighters drained.

Thomas Hearns vs Floyd Mayweather

Tommy’s right hand was lethal while his jab was no joke. Stylistically Floyd would match up well with Tommy though with his footwork and shoulder roll.

Tommy lost focus his several of his fights and he would break down mentally and physically late in the fight.

Floyd Jr. would frustrate him by rolling with Tommy’s right and counter with right hand left hooks to his body then spinning and turning Tommy out of position while doing it all over again.

Hearns had the style that would make Floyd look spectacular. Keeping his left hand as low as he carried it would make Floyd fight far more offensives as well.

How could Hearns catch Floyd with his deadly right hand?, as Floyd would bury his chin in his left shoulder and roll with his shots.

Styles make fights and Tommy’s feeds right into Floyd’s.

Floyd Jr. UD