Dec 15 2014

Boxing Lessons For Beginner Tips: Boxing Defense.

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Sep 25 2014

Throw Back Thursday: A PRIME James Toney.

The Godfather of the shoulder roll, a true authentic throw back fighter, Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore, Jersey Joe Walcott all in one, James would have been a world champion in ANY era, he got better against TOUGH competition, took non title fights to stay sharp, his non title defenses were tougher than Roy Jones Jr. title defenses back then. He was at his best against Iran Barkley, PURE art in that fight. James could adapt, fought VERY relaxed & calm, could fight of the ropes, sick fast body head combos, could stand right in front of a fighter and make them look dumb while returning neck snapping power back in return. No middleweight fights close to a style like this today, displays such old school skill and ring generalship, prowess, and savvy. James “Lights Out” Toney could fight! Watch and learn from this old school master.

Mar 21 2014

I love using the maize ball with my fighters. Its an excellent tool to develop head movement and you also punch off that head movement as you slip the maize ball.

Moving your head causes a fighter to hesitate, if they hesitate they are ou…t of rhythm, having none, and that’s when you own and control them.

That of course is what boxing is all about, like chess, strategy and check mating your opponent with superior skill, strategy, and technique.

Here mma fighter Kevin Dupree is working it engraining head movement and his offense off of that.

Remember, offense flows off of sound defense.

Get and use this simple tool in your training.