Aug 25 2014

Learn To Coach-Learn To Teach.


For as much as I love to coach, I equally enjoy being coached.

I like to hear the truth good or bad. I want blunt clear no nonsense feedback.

The truth will set you free as they say and it can also make you much stronger.

At Westside Barbell this morning I was critiqued on the sumo dead lift. After a couple adjustments to my technique I pulled 505lbs. Granted this was my first time deadlifting from the floor in months.

The ART work I received from John was a huge factor too as my glutes arw firing strong now.

Just felt really strong today and fed off the coaching critiques on my form today.

I have been at Westside Barbell since July 2008 and I have seen many lifters leave and get kicked out. They couldn’t handle the truth. The pressure. As lying to yourself in anything holds you back.

I will say this again. Not only are the lifters really strong at Westside but they can also coach and cue very well. I really embrace and appreciate that. I love the blunt truth.

I set a PR today because of it.

605lb deadlift coming very soon.

Run with the lame who can’t tell you the truth you develop a limp. Be around those who will call you out while making you better.