Sep 8 2015

This WILL Make or Break You………..

Recovery that is.

Recovery should be the first thing planned into ANY program. Think parasympathetic activities ( stretching, rocking, rolling, crawling,, walking meditation, ice baths, etc..

Lack of recovery will send you to a catabolic hard crash, to the point it can take weeks even months to fully recover from. Whereas planning it will allow you to rebound nice, come back fresh, kicking ass, breaking PR’s.

Use a Hi/Low model of planning your weekly training. Max effort lift Monday,or sprints, Tempo runs or cycling on Tuesday, (Low)

Anything activity above 75% max intensity is considered a high cnc training stressor. That is your gauge in planning your workouts.

You get better when you recover, so, recover/regenerate, don’t pan to simply destroy…

Please comment with any questions.

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Jun 19 2014

Rob’s Rant: Real Training Advice-Qualify Before You Apply.


Some trainers just like to use certain tools to make their workouts/gym look hardcore and cool without knowing how to teach the exercise/use the tool properly to begin with.

Knowledge and experience makes a trainer and gym GOOD not a cool collection of tools and props.

Take chains for example. Some trainers use them to seem hardcore but instead look like complete uneducated fools with how they have them set up incorrectly with the chains not even coming CLOSE to serving the purpose they are intended too.

Or how to qualify the person for the exercise. Yes, you don’t just have anyone flip tires as Carrie is here.

Unethical Idiots copy, cut, and paste exercises and workouts without qualify their students for them first.

The tire is just a tool in the tool box. We like it because it’s a total body movement and very metabolic when flipped fast for reps.

Carrie likes it as a finisher to our boxing workouts. She’s done after a couple series and the tire served it’s purpose.

We also have a tire much bigger than this that we use with some students who qualify for it but this size tire fits Carrie’s preparedness level perfectly.

It’s just a tool that doesn’t define us, we define it’s purpose for our students and it’s use in the workout.

Knowing the why, what, when, and how