Nov 11 2014

How To Evolve As A Coach & Trainer.

I just spent the last two days learning from coaches who have been in the trenches training athletes for years. I cannot express enough how much I enjoy and appreciate that rich truth of training. These coaches were not info marketers wearing the mask of coaches, their personal stories of their coaching journey/evolution and lessons learned/mistakes made along the way was genuine, what I resonate with, because it is the truth, some gurus portray themselves as gods, as if they have never made mistakes, and are immune to them, above them.

One presenter who’s real world experience is vast compared to today’s internet only coaches talk about working on his FIRST book, yet there are school teachers and people who have worked jobs in a cubicle for years writing books on the secrets of training. Who have no case histories nor the integrity to collect data/results in the gym for several years to display concrete proof before writing about it or creating a product, so they regurgitate methodology, repackage it and sell it.

I have recently deleted such coaches from my friends list for lack of professional respect. You have gym owners who have no clue about training, who don’t go to seminars, don’t care too, yet front as coaches and being professional. Giving shake and bake, cut & paste program design

Reading books is one thing, but to speak with the authors of some and ask them questions is another, to speak with presenters and pick their brains more after the lecture is gold.

I value the strength/conditioning friends I enjoy talking and am good friends with because they are just as proactive and discuss what they are doing with what they have learned at a conference, seminar, or book in the gym, their goals of athletic development, creating champions and who suggest courses, conferences, and books to me as well.

You become like those who you surround yourself with, seek the real coaches, learn from their real life lessons, their humility of the process, let the suckers who are born every minute deal with the info marketers whom have never created any successful sustained proof of their competence training athletes, yet who claim to possess the secrets of training. LOL………

Oct 10 2014

In The Gym Notes: Critique Not Criticize.

I was working with this new 15 yr old student last night and he was getting frustrated, then annoyed, and then pissed off at me while almost blurting something out an obscenity with can’t I do anything right?? when I was correcting him on a stance/footwork drill.

I said son if you came in here and everything was easy and I wasn’t saying anything to you, you would be in the wrong gym. You are not doing anything wrong, I’m teaching you to do it better, not nitpicking but critiquing you to do it great.

I told him good is not good enough, we have to pull out more, and yet more, that is what champions do to become champions and what deliberate practice is, to yet refine to a higher GROOVED level. I still learn everyday as a coach and I have to explain my rationale with this when working with new students.

Some kids just have never had anyone that cared for them to do something better than they are displaying, to be trained to do something great, and when you keep breaking it down they can be broken down by thinking here is another adult criticizing/picking at me.

Coaching obviously isn’t that, critiquing is not criticizing, you can’t have them build up a rebellious wall. A teacher has to know what kind of student they have before they can teach them, experience teachers can do this upon meeting and communicating with their new student.

So I’m communicating this with them more, as skill is groomed better in a clear calm mind, not a frustrated one.

Aug 25 2014

Learn To Coach-Learn To Teach.


For as much as I love to coach, I equally enjoy being coached.

I like to hear the truth good or bad. I want blunt clear no nonsense feedback.

The truth will set you free as they say and it can also make you much stronger.

At Westside Barbell this morning I was critiqued on the sumo dead lift. After a couple adjustments to my technique I pulled 505lbs. Granted this was my first time deadlifting from the floor in months.

The ART work I received from John was a huge factor too as my glutes arw firing strong now.

Just felt really strong today and fed off the coaching critiques on my form today.

I have been at Westside Barbell since July 2008 and I have seen many lifters leave and get kicked out. They couldn’t handle the truth. The pressure. As lying to yourself in anything holds you back.

I will say this again. Not only are the lifters really strong at Westside but they can also coach and cue very well. I really embrace and appreciate that. I love the blunt truth.

I set a PR today because of it.

605lb deadlift coming very soon.

Run with the lame who can’t tell you the truth you develop a limp. Be around those who will call you out while making you better.

Aug 22 2014

Rob’s Rant: What Real Coaches Do.

I commented on a post the other day about someone writing an article on how to get jacked arms when they (the author) themselves have the arms the size of a Ken Doll.

Some people think well as long as they know the science and methodology to get it done that is enough….

I have a big problem with that……………..

One that writes in such ways without they themselves being jacked OR having numerous case studies of clients THEY themselves worked with on becoming jacked in fact proves that they know jack shit on the topic at hand.

Yes a coach doesn’t have to be an elite basketball player to become a good coach, but John Wooden displayed a lot of micro successes before the HUGE success he became legendary known for at UCLA.

Angelo Dundee trained a world champion in former light heavyweight king Willie Pastroni and worked with former welterweight and middleweight forever beloved king Carmen Basillio albeit a cut man learning on the job before working with Willie and both before training Ali and of course Ali before training Sugar Ray Leonard.

You see where I’m going here? Successes before the big success. Proof and a fine display of coaching competence.

A degree doesn’t guarantee success in the real world as much as these loan shark educational institutions lead one to believe.

A kid can cheat their way through school, just memorize the curriculum, yet be lost in the real world, suck at what they are supposed to be educated on.

Anyone can read all the great texts like Super Training, Science of Sports Training, Science & Practice Of Strength Training etc etc and write articles with that science and methodology….

The truth is…….. There are good authors and those that are great at coaching, displaying what they really know beyond a pretty well writhen paper. The REAL truth if you will.

Today more than ever you have fat, lazy, don’t workout a bit trainers writing articles on health, well being, being hardcore, wanting it, success, how to get ripped etc etc… Yet the truth is………If you cannot discipline yourself how can one discuss success???? Success starts with yourself.

I do not listen to small, weak, trainers/coaches discussing strength training and how to get jacked if they themselves have never been under a heavy bar, workout now, are even marginally strong/ at least fit, OR have athletes who are strong and thriving off what the coach knows. Or trainers who work a day job discuss business, how to grow it, etc when they themselves don’t embody the nature of a true entrepreneur, calculated risk taking by being in the jungle of business.

Simple logic.

In an era where everyone wants to be an expert without first putting in the work to truly resemble/display their competence you have this new species of quasi coaches.

Ever meet a coach in person you have seen dropping knowledge online with a super hero personality and be shocked on how drab and little they in fact do know in person?…………


The truth is not in their online work but what lies within their gyms… The living truth.

An expert is helping/ changing themselves with what they have feverously studied and changing the lives of others NOT just writing about what has worked for other coaches/athletes while they themselves have displayed no proof of competence with the material/methodology at hand.

Do that and THEN write. I for sure will be interested in your piece.