Oct 21 2014

Lifestyle-Health-Vitality-Workout Tip.

You know it’s been 2 months now since I have eliminated my afternoon coffee and my cravings for it period have ceased.

I drink several cups of organic coffee in the morning and that’s it but what really pleases me is that I don’t need anymore after my last cup where before I would keep going.

I would always have a cup of coffee near me in the afternoon, and this caused me to be in a severe sympathetic dominate state. I would feel tight and stiff all the time, I have ceased foam rolling a lot (I will still use it on determined need) with rocking, rolling, and crawling movements, moving more period.

This has me feeling SO much better. I’m more fluid in movement and clear in mind from adding these movement patterns and kicking afternoon excessive (5-7 cups) of coffee. My core is firing harder and is more developed from the decreased cortisol levels

I used to foam roll everyday during the week. Because I was in that severe catabolic sympathetic dominant state from excessive coffee intake, which impaired my quality of sleep, which impaired my hormonal recovery, my physcogenic recovery, which had me feeling tired a lot, feeling burned out which made me feel quality and that made me feel even worse, cloudiness of mind and procrastination present, while moving stiff and tight.

There are people on medication for these very symptoms! Medication scratches the itch. Lifestyle changes are permanent.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very true.

So what can you change or eliminate to move you forward faster?

It all flows from lifestyle habits.

Feeling is believing….

May 13 2014

For Increased Quality & Vtality Of Life Learn to Put Back In.

Being an entrepreneur is 24/7 work. With the mind always working and with that stress flowing. People forget that. Our minds are never shut completely off from our businesses and ventures.

Mind cleanse and breaks from constant thinking of the past & future are needed, in other words meditation.

After a day of hard hustling I always love to close it by going for a walk in nature, by a lot of tree…s, breathing deep and walking. It brings you present (Now) and brings you serenity, clarity, to your screaming monkeys mind ( that term from the excellent book Way Of The Peaceful Warrior)

Breathing and walking while shutting off your mind are two of the most powerful things you can do for yourself, to put Chi back in yourself. Since the beginning of time and until the end this will be true.

Every wonder why people age real slow like not at all? Activities like this, cleansing and putting back in and not always stressing and constantly depleting is why.

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