Feb 16 2017

Biggest Mistakes Made In Training

Jun 25 2014

The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself.

The best gift you can give to yourself is an ideal healthy lifestyle followed by working out. Reading the right books as well I may add.

Everything in life is that much better with a strong body and mind. Everything in life comes together that much better.

The ultimate definition of madness is to sacrifice health for wealth. I see people fixing up their houses adding on etc, buying nice vehicles, yet neglect their own health in the process eating like complete shit while looking and feeling like it.

So that is the way to live? To walk around in a body like that and to think distorted thoughts with a mind encased in that??

The real key to life is the QUALITY of life. Not just prolonging it with pharmaceutical drugs while living in a clueless daze.

Take care of yourself. You are all you got. And when you are at your best you have that much more to give others as life itself has that much to offer you in return.

May 13 2014

For Increased Quality & Vtality Of Life Learn to Put Back In.

Being an entrepreneur is 24/7 work. With the mind always working and with that stress flowing. People forget that. Our minds are never shut completely off from our businesses and ventures.

Mind cleanse and breaks from constant thinking of the past & future are needed, in other words meditation.

After a day of hard hustling I always love to close it by going for a walk in nature, by a lot of tree…s, breathing deep and walking. It brings you present (Now) and brings you serenity, clarity, to your screaming monkeys mind ( that term from the excellent book Way Of The Peaceful Warrior)

Breathing and walking while shutting off your mind are two of the most powerful things you can do for yourself, to put Chi back in yourself. Since the beginning of time and until the end this will be true.

Every wonder why people age real slow like not at all? Activities like this, cleansing and putting back in and not always stressing and constantly depleting is why.

Please comment below with any questions or comments.

Mar 6 2014

Rob’s Rant: Don’t Fleece People At Your Gym.

A mistake some trainers make is not taking into consideration the training age & training/exercise background of their clients.

That’s the problem I have with some boot camps, not all are like this, but many are. There is no screening process, its like let’s turn the music up loud and get dumb with everyone.

For example, unknowingly a women may enter one of these workouts with a training age of …0, little exercise background and the the instructor shouts for everyone to do a dynamic lunge.

This person will be all over the place trying to do a dynamic lunge opening the window of injury to the connective tissue under the patella ( knee cap) patela tendon, acl, LCL, etc and the ankle.

I was taught how to ascend and descend an exercise according to the training age and background of the client, how to assess and probe.

Something what the late great Charlie Francis would routinely do to make his athletes great.

We assume nothing while taking nothing for granted.

With a person who has a training age of 0 proper progression/ accession of the lunge pattern would be as such, static lunge(split squat) and if the person couldn’t do that, the exercise would be descended to a doll rod assisted split squat, with them holding a doll rod or object for stability as they perform the exercise.

Once adequate strength and motor learning has been achieved, the exercise can be ascended into a static lunge, then a backward lunge, then a dynamic forward lunge, a hybrid backward forward lunge, then a multi directional lunge, and an over head loaded lunge.

So you see the micro progressions here. That is the key the micro progressions when working with a client who is weak and has a training age of 0.

Never assume anything. Question, ask, probe, assess for true tailored program design for the individual.

Don’t just smile, take their money and throw them in the herd.

Anybody can put a bunch of people together turn up the music and make them sweat and burn.

There are good trainees who know how to coach and look at the person as an individual within a group workout setting assessing them before hand and descending when its very necessary.

Then there are cheerleaders who do none of that but scream and shout while remaining blind and clueless.

Don’t be a cheerleader. You have a responsibility to know your craft, how to coach, and deliver what your client truly needs.

That is being a pro.