Apr 5 2010

Weekend Wrap Up.


We can now call David Haye a true heavyweight with his impressive destruction of John Ruiz last Saturday night. Haye looked much improved and the best seems yet to come as his potential is exciting for this dull division.

Haye displayed very good hand speed, power, timing, and good lateral movement in annihilation of John. John must be given props though for his willingness to get up each time he was dropped and trying to fight back.

Haye was just too much for Ruiz though and this was a very clear statement that Haye is becoming a force in the heavyweight division.

Many still think that Wladamir can crush Haye but I’m not in that crowd. Wladamir has been looking unbeatable against average punching heavyweights. Remember his fight with Sam peter? The last REAL puncher he fought. How did Wlad look in that fight? Not like a world beater and an indestructible force. That fight was close and Wlad really won due to Peter’s then lack of experience.

Haye is brewing into an exciting force to be reckon with. Lets see if he can continue to develop, mature, and become what he has the potential to be. An exciting heavyweight who will put asses in the seats that want to see him fight.


Hopkins-Jones was pathetic. I was embarrassed to say that I watched that but I’m very happy to say that I didn’t blow my money buying that garbage fight.

It wasn’t a fight but a half ass sparring session with plenty of acting from Hopkins. Those fouls by Jones weren’t that bad, sure I wasn’t on the receiving end, but it was obvious that Hopkins was over playing them, He wanted this fight THAT bad that he was willing to do anything to win and he did.

Jones needs to get the fuck out of boxing now. He has nothing to prove and he keeps tarnishing his legacy with each embarrassing performance.

I applaud Roy for willing to fight real fighters NOW, but his time his gone, he should have done that in his prime when he amazing talent was over flowing in him. It’s been over Roy, enough, please give back to the sport in commentary and promoting.

Bernard needs to call it a day as well. He’s fucking crazy if he thinks he can stay with David Haye. CRAZY. This win is a great way for Hopkins to close his historic and brilliant career. I mean he ot the win he always wanted, has an awesome career after boxing with Golden Boy Promotions, what’s left to prove? Nothing, that’s what. He still in very good health and shape, he can remain that way if he retires now, but if he thinks he can step up to the heavyweight division, it can be over just like that.

I remember watching their first fight when I was 17 years old in my parents living room with my buddies. I never thought I would seem them fight each other again this late in their careers. I never though both would be fighting this long either but that has benefited Hopkins more than Roy as Hopkins’s best wins came later in his career, not s a young man.

But all good things must come to an end and lets hope Bernard realizes this and the next time he’s in the ring we just see him supporting his Golden Boy stable of fighters and not with his gloves on staring down a heavyweight in David Haye.

Nov 23 2009

Andre Ward Just Knows How To Win.

I’ll admit, I’m was surprised to see Andre Ward dominate Mikkel Kessler last Saturday night. Andre came in with a brilliant fight plan, changing up through out the fight, keeping Mikkel guessing and reacting.

Ward just knows how to win and deal with adversity, after all, he was the only gold medalist on his 2004 Olympic team. He didn’t lose that many many fights in the amateurs, I’m sorry, I cant remember his streak but it was sick.

He brought that with him the the ring against Kessler that night, no matter what the opposition, getting the job done and winning.

I thought Ward would pose some serious problems with his athleticism, speed and movement, but to dominate, that was extremely impressive.

he just know how to win and that’s very dangerous for the rest of the fighters in the Super 6 tournament.

You can’t help but favor Ward now to win it, I see Abraham and Ward doing the best in the tourney now and I can’t wait to see them fight!

Nov 16 2009

Pacquiao-Cotto After Thoughts.


Manny Pacquiao left NO doubt for his claim as the P4P best last Saturday night in annihilating Miguel Cotto in his biggest fight to date. Manny keeps dominating with each new and seemingly harder challenge.

Big props to Cotto in the class he displayed leading up to the fight and the class he dished out afterwords. His days of an elite fighter however seem over.

In winning his seven title world title in seven different weight divisions Manny stakes his claim as an ALL time great now. The explosiveness with fast and clever angles he uses to punch in on are even more mind blowing to see. He JUST keeps getting better, stronger, and more explosive!

A fight and win over Floyd $$ Mayweather will forever cement his legacy and placement among the names of Sugar ray Robinson, Harry Greb, Benny Leonard, Roberto Duran, the true greats.

There’s a lot of money to be made for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight so expect the deal to get done.

*** Larry Merchant was cracking me up with his zainy and tell it like it is comments!

*** Yes, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. IS that bad!

*** Yuri Foreman impressed and didn’t live up to his nickname of Yuri Boreman.

*** I used to like Jim Lampley alot and enjoy listening to him but he pisses me off more and more with his WHACK commentary.

*** If this was Arum’s idea of a spectacular under card lets hope we never have to sit for his version of a good one… I’m sure it’ll beat Golden Boys over matched under cards though.