Sep 8 2015

This WILL Make or Break You………..

Recovery that is.

Recovery should be the first thing planned into ANY program. Think parasympathetic activities ( stretching, rocking, rolling, crawling,, walking meditation, ice baths, etc..

Lack of recovery will send you to a catabolic hard crash, to the point it can take weeks even months to fully recover from. Whereas planning it will allow you to rebound nice, come back fresh, kicking ass, breaking PR’s.

Use a Hi/Low model of planning your weekly training. Max effort lift Monday,or sprints, Tempo runs or cycling on Tuesday, (Low)

Anything activity above 75% max intensity is considered a high cnc training stressor. That is your gauge in planning your workouts.

You get better when you recover, so, recover/regenerate, don’t pan to simply destroy…

Please comment with any questions.

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Dec 14 2014

How To Workout, Keep The Training Wheels Off.

There is no such thing as a bad exercise, just a bad way of performing it. — Mel Siff.

Couldn’t agree with this more. People must be appropriately challeged in the gym, their brains rewired by being fed rocking, rolling, crawling patterns, along with primal patterns of push, pull bend, squat twist, lunge, built to be bullet proof with strength in these movement patterns along with strength in the frontal and transverse planes where most injuries occur.

I do not put training wheels on people when working with them, the nervous system and stability is not challenged in supported exercises. If one does not have the strength or neurological control in a exercise, descend it, while they still get that motor learning, then load them appropriately as they become proficient in it.

Putting them in a supported environment strength and leaving them there is like learning how to ride a bike well achieving supreme confidence with training wheels on but never taking them off. They don’t don’t have the ability to ride.

I was taught if you can’t you must. Descend only to be able to ascend the exercise movement. Motor learning, strength, stability, is achieved.

We were once bullet proof in primal and pioneer days. There were NO weak links in the body grown from sedentary habits.

We are teaching people to be primal again, feeding their brains through movements the brain once was hard wired well with.

I do not say a movement is bad for a person, particularly when it’s a natural primal pattern. Because that’s our job as a trainer to strengthen their weakness within that movement to build them into that movement.

Putting training wheels on people building strength in such exercises does not accomplish this with those red flags in those uncontrolled ranges with weakness with them still present.

Nov 17 2014

The mindset of Cus D’Amato, lessons on boxing and life.

Oct 28 2014

Mastering Mindfulness.

We have been living in the distraction age and it gets worse as technology continues to expand removing the human experience from humans with its continued climb.

I just caught myself with this when searching for a new phone, I became perplexed on what phone offered more and why. But then came back to what is a phone for? Talking of course and the convenience of texts, but texting has created a different language of its own, emotionless communication.. Why do I care for all these other apps then? Games and bullshit like that?

For my business the features on a phone I do need are a camera to record and take photos, and a gps, for the traveling we do.

As far as data, more is not better because it’s more destruction, playing on hour phone, when walking, talking with others and yes even driving.

More data = more distraction.

So to combat that I signed up for the Verizon loyalty plan, only 2 g’s of data but that is more than a enough. Outside of calls and texts the phone stays out of my hand outside the gym when I’m not recording or taking photos.

I’m combating distraction with being present more. I have read a lot of books about this over the years but after reading 10% Happier, it was really driven in to me.

Before reading that book I was driving more with the radio off just paying attention more, looking at the scenery etc…

I like how the book teaches how to practice mindfulness throughout the day.

I have a book with me everywhere I got so when stopped in traffic I would read or when waiting in line at the bmv etc.

Sure that is learning or reading for pleasure but still distraction. As the books teaches, instead take time to breathe and focus on it, when walking feel your steps and breath.

Weird you may be thinking? Glued to your phone, wearing headphones all the time with garbage being blasted through your ears distracting you eves more is fucked up.

We all do it at times.

There is a war now to combat this technological age of distraction to being even more mindful, present, centered.

With thinking crisper, sharper, and more focused on what’s really important flowing from that.

Basically as I was taught, don’t zone out, but practice more on zoning in. Your quality of life will greatly improve.