Nov 13 2017

Trainers: Choose Wisely.

Some strength& conditioning/ fitness trainers are better off working for someone else, the true technicians, that is, because once they go out on their own and open their own business, they aren’t ready to be the manager, and the entrepreneur.

For them, it kills their passion as a technician (trainer). They exit the industry weary and beaten.

It’s ok not to open your own business, in fact for you, it may be a better option.

Nov 8 2017

Success Leaves Trails.

This is how serious I take what I do. Yet, some coaches fail to put in the work, that’s why they are doing something else these days.

Show me someone who is successful and then show me their office or library.

You can’t hang? Or you just won’t learn?

They go hand in hand

Oct 26 2017

The Truth Of Business: DON”T Be Another Statistic.

A lot of small businesses fail because people have NO clue what they are about to get themselves into. I failed in Florida, after, tasting a lot of success.

My failure came from the ignorance of overlooking the distinction between working on your business and working in your business.

Then, I was purely a technician, I spent A LOT of money on internships with the biggest names in the industry, seminars, and conferences, sharpening my training skills, all my books purchased then were strength-conditioning, motor learning, peak performance, some rehab books etc.

NO business books, no sales, no marketing, no website presence, no channels for people to find me and more so me, be there for THEM.

That’s how I quickly hit a wall.

Then I came to Columbus and my focused shifted after getting my ass spanked BLUE. I HAD too to make it work.

Business, marketing, sales, system development, NOT dirty words to me or things I thought sleazy, but what I LACKED to grow, and sustain growth, and prevent plates.

After feasting on these books, being in a master mind for a bit, talking to leaders in the industry who kill it, attending seminars etc….

We are entering our 10th year of being open in Columbus Ohio.

When opening a business, you cannot be the technician, the manager, and the entrepreneur ( the business developer, the vision and direction) You WILL fail, you WILL burn out.

Systems help immensely, getting a sound team, putting your ego in check and delegating.

Your role in the businesses WILL change, because if you do not accept this fact and are not willing to change, you die FAST in this vicious jungle of business.

That I know through MUCH experience.