May 22 2016

Being A Fighter.

Being a fighter, you are really up when you win. Everyone is there, excited, wanting to be around you. I signed a few fight posters for people I didn’t know, but watched me fight that night, one time, the owner of the casino in Verona NY told me and my then trainer, my fight was the fight of the night, true story, he was a native American, he told me he enjoyed watching me fight.

Losing can be wretched, you feel like you left everyone down.
I lost a fight once ans was embarrassed to go outside and walk around, I was a trainer at Bally ‘ s fitness then, and though everyone was looking at me because I lost.

Being a fighter, the punishment continues after the fight, outside the ring. It’s tough. You never want to let anyone down, more so, yourself.
I have been so utterly disappointed with myself in Amis of tears, privately, alone, going over what went wrong.

You can be so high, then low.
And there is the spector, whom, can dish the harshest criticism, lacking the balls to ever get into that ring.

Being a fighter has aided me more ways than one in life, it has helped me rise from extreme failure, really from the ashes, to be better than ever.
Being a fighter has also taught me mote about myself than anyrhi ng else ever could.

I did the best I could then, but could have done a lot more as I look back, and that there allows me and pushes me to overachieve and be far better now, exceed, drive harder now.

It all comes full circle.

May 7 2014

Defining A Fighter.

Boxing IS the sweet science but it’s also fighting, and as crude as a style may be, that awkwardness can make it hard to be timed, to anticipate what’s coming next, to defend.Just as that style worked for the late and forever beloved Carmen Bassilio when he beat the great uber superior in skill than Carmen, Sugar Ray Robinson.

Maidana swarms like Carmen once did. Punching from all different a…ngles, tough, durable, determined and always coming…..

Say what you will about the lack of polished skills of Maidana.

But the dude doesn’t give a fuck. He brings it each fight rising to the moment as he did against Ortiz, Khan, Broner, and now Mayweather.

He IS a real fighter.