Apr 26 2017

Don’t Be THIS Coach.

Some coaches are reluctant to share their training methodology and what’s working out of misleading fear of their competition using it against them.

They actually think coaches listen and apply, most don’t out of their own closed minded ego of making what they think they know and use… inferior. They already know it all, which is….
Very little.

Ego is their enemy

Sep 15 2016

Who The REAL Pros are.

Had a great conversation with a coach this morning that got me FIRED up, this coach being a former cream of the crop athlete and an excellent coach having cornered several UFC champions, BJ Penn being one of them.

So he asks me about so and so and this fighter they train.

I reply I don’t know so and so, and so, I can’t comment on them personally but I do know that fighter did not start with them and is from another region where another coach started them out, taught them from scratch, paid for all the fight show, tournament travel, food, hotels gas, etc.
And now..

So and so has them.

Look, anyone can look good putting some finishing touches on someone else’s work. The HARD work has been done, molding them from nothing.

Few coaches want to do that now a days cause it is REAL work.

But that is the most hilarious part.

THESE coaches call themselves PRO coaches because, well, they only work with pros, basing their work on somone else’s!

Smh. I said this before.

Who is THE REAL pro?

Not some charlatan using some slap mitt routine on the talent that was developed by the real pro coach who isn’t with the fighter anymore.

Lots of smoke and mirrors in this game.

Lots of amatuer coaches calling themselves pro and a lot of amatuer coaches who are the REAL pros.

May 7 2016

The Rarest Thing In Boxing Today, Fight Sports Period.

Watching Canelo – Khan 24/7 and I dig what Canelo’s trainer said in relation to Canelo’s maturation as a fighter.

“He’s a fighter who’s grown and we’ve grown along with him”

Hell yeah, that is what it’s about.

Canelo could leave his crew and go with a big name trainer and thay shit is SO ridiculous.

I will say this about Canelo, he had been VERY loyal to his trainer and team.

They have Been growing together, each learning gaining experience.

You know, like Emmanuel Steward and Tommy Hearns did. Emmanuel was once a young unknown until Tommy Hearns exploded on the scene along with his work with Hilmer Kenty.

Big names were once no names who learned on the job as well, paying their dues, growing with a fighter until they blossom into super stardom then doors open for them.

It all starts some where, and chemistry is key.

No big name trainer can trump that.

Chemistry, roots, and truly knowing the fighter.

That’s what rally matters in the camp and corner of tooth and nail fights.

The name doesn’t pull the fighter through that.

The experience and time put in with the fighter does.

The roots grown with them.

That’s the truth in an era of hype and BS.

Dec 14 2014

How To Workout, Keep The Training Wheels Off.

There is no such thing as a bad exercise, just a bad way of performing it. — Mel Siff.

Couldn’t agree with this more. People must be appropriately challeged in the gym, their brains rewired by being fed rocking, rolling, crawling patterns, along with primal patterns of push, pull bend, squat twist, lunge, built to be bullet proof with strength in these movement patterns along with strength in the frontal and transverse planes where most injuries occur.

I do not put training wheels on people when working with them, the nervous system and stability is not challenged in supported exercises. If one does not have the strength or neurological control in a exercise, descend it, while they still get that motor learning, then load them appropriately as they become proficient in it.

Putting them in a supported environment to.build strength and leaving them there is like learning how to ride a bike well achieving supreme confidence with training wheels on but never taking them off. They don’t don’t have the ability to ride.

I was taught if you can’t you must. Descend only to be able to ascend the exercise movement. Motor learning, strength, stability, is achieved.

We were once bullet proof in primal and pioneer days. There were NO weak links in the body grown from sedentary habits.

We are teaching people to be primal again, feeding their brains through movements the brain once was hard wired well with.

I do not say a movement is bad for a person, particularly when it’s a natural primal pattern. Because that’s our job as a trainer to strengthen their weakness within that movement to build them into that movement.

Putting training wheels on people building strength in such exercises does not accomplish this with those red flags in those uncontrolled ranges with weakness with them still present.