May 10 2016

Canelo-Khan After Thoughts.


What a shot! Throw a low lazy jab and keep that left low and this is what happens. Canelo didn’t need to time him, he saw Khan’s pattern and waited for this opening.

You know, it’s not just that Khan gets knocked out. It’s how he’s knocked out, the way it looks and how his body reacts, particularly the Garcia KO.

Last night he was OUT, lying there, respect for Canelo for immediately kneeling down close to him, ( while fans we jeering him, and losers on FB posting mock memes of Khan) as it was equally startling the way he went down hard to the one who laid the hands, the concern from the sheer brutality of it, provoked Canelo’s sincere act of kindness/concern.

If I’m close to Amir, he has a farewell fight in England and that’s it, because, once he’s touched hard he falls hard and may never wake up again, if it happens again.
He made A LOT of money last night.

The end….

GGG vs Canelo will happen sooner than later. The time is right and the perfect set up fight for it was last night, Golden Boy knew Canelo would ice Khan, and Khan brought the name for that inevitable outcome.

The coals are now red hot as is the market value for this fight. Everyone involved WILL get paid VERY well far beyond than if this fight doesn’t happen.

I like Canelo but when he yelled something in Spanish that was then translated in English to “I’m Mexican, we don’t fuck around!” in regards to inviting GGG in the ring I can’t help but notice his fucking around with catch weights and demanding the middleweight kingpin to meet him and defend HIS legitimate world title at one.
Do you really think Salvador Sanchez, Chavez, Marquez, Morales, Barrera, would ever do such a cowardly act if they were in Canelo’s shoes???

Canelo Alvarez, the light heavyweight middleweight catch weight champion of the world.