Dec 20 2016

One Of The Biggest Mistakes Made In Training.

Oct 5 2016

The Golden Eras Of Heavyweight Boxing.

The 90’s heavyweight era would have went toe to toe with the 70’s era of heavyweights.
Holyfield vs Frazier


Bowe vs Frazier

Tyson Shavers






Think about those fights!

Sep 15 2016

Who The REAL Pros are.

Had a great conversation with a coach this morning that got me FIRED up, this coach being a former cream of the crop athlete and an excellent coach having cornered several UFC champions, BJ Penn being one of them.

So he asks me about so and so and this fighter they train.

I reply I don’t know so and so, and so, I can’t comment on them personally but I do know that fighter did not start with them and is from another region where another coach started them out, taught them from scratch, paid for all the fight show, tournament travel, food, hotels gas, etc.
And now..

So and so has them.

Look, anyone can look good putting some finishing touches on someone else’s work. The HARD work has been done, molding them from nothing.

Few coaches want to do that now a days cause it is REAL work.

But that is the most hilarious part.

THESE coaches call themselves PRO coaches because, well, they only work with pros, basing their work on somone else’s!

Smh. I said this before.

Who is THE REAL pro?

Not some charlatan using some slap mitt routine on the talent that was developed by the real pro coach who isn’t with the fighter anymore.

Lots of smoke and mirrors in this game.

Lots of amatuer coaches calling themselves pro and a lot of amatuer coaches who are the REAL pros.

Aug 22 2016

How To Train The Core For Far Better Performance.

The abdominals are predominantly phasic muscles ( fast twitch), just like the hamstrings, you don’t do high reps of 50 + reps to build hamstring strength do you? So why then with the core?

To build a bullet proof core, to withstand a potent body attack, you must use resistance to strengthen the rectus abdominas and external, internal obliques. As you can see in this pic here of a crunch with a dumbbell on the swiss ball. Notice the greater range of motion on the ball, compared to the crunch off the floor, notice how the spine is cradled and protected and how the abdominals can work in a greater range of motion.


Notice the hands behind the head on the crunch exercises, another mistake, this exercise creates an imbalance in the flexor chain ( neck, trunk, hip) which will then create the common forward head posture and kyphotic posture shown in the attached pic, just so those of you that don’t know what kyphotic means, you see it and you see this posture in a lot of experienced fighters, it IS the posture of the sport, and the cause of muscle imbalances.


Gravity wears on us everyday, with being sedentary, and bad ergonomics ( sitting hunched over, hunched over, flexed over looking at a screen or game box for hours at a time etc) postural muscles (tonic) become tight, phasic muscles become weak and your faulty posture is a reflexion of that.
so, again, why crunch or do the biggest bastard off an exercise you can do in the setup? Read the work of Dr. Stuart McGill, the worlds authority on back pathology & performance and you will be educated on far better choices in your exercises selection, ergonomic set up in life style, and core and low back performance.


There is always a cause and effect with out training, risk versus reward, accumulation of what we think we know in what we do, or fail ton understand in what we do.
Choose wisely.

I hope this helps you in doing so.

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