Oct 25 2017

Boxing Training Tip: How To Roll With Punches

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Nov 29 2014

Boxing Conditioning Exercise: Tred Sled HICT Workout.

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Aug 19 2014

Workout Tip:Rethink Think Recovery.

It’s a costly mistake to look at recovery as just merely a post workout shake or day off while managing nothing else. Recovery must be built into your lifestyle day in and day out along with in your programming.

Sleep, water intake, breathing, stretching, foam rolling, self massage, eating, meditation, nature walks, etc…

Then low CNS intensive days in your programming which then feed the high CNS days.

Now compare that to just a protein shake and day off.

Feeling is believing as is performing/ breaking PR’s from this.

Jul 21 2014

Money Mayweather: Or Limited Time Money Earner?

I read a very interesting and insightful interview with 50 Cent about his emerging promotional company, his new album, release, and his directing projects, some damn good ones at that.

You see the trend with him here? A true entrepreneur. Investing his money in other ventures and projects, making money outside of what made him first prominent and a big name, the music industry.

He steady grows his business brand.

While Floyd makes $$ in boxing, sure, big $$ but consider the cost to maintain his lifestyle, where is his passive income from other ventures and investments, no crossover business savvy from him.

For as much as I disliked Oscar as a fighter, he took advantage of his cross over appeal, and now makes damn good passive income from the hand that fed him to begin with. Boxing, and now being fed by Golden Boy Promotions.

Remember Holyfield grossed over 100 million in his career, Mike Tyson balled too. Where  is that now?

Larry Holmes will tell you AND SHOW you where his investments are, he owns most of Easton PA by the way, and how he lives quite comfortably of that.

I picked this brilliant quote from an article about Floyd returning to Golden Boy for his rematch with Maidana and him being just a very good earner, not investor, grower in other avenues millionaire on paper at least for now.

“wish you could get a loan for what this “man” spends on rims for one of his collection of depreciating assets” this being Floyd and his cars.

Yet young men, hungry young men look at that as power, while those with lasting money, passive generating in other ventures money, re investing it, steady growing it, respecting it, growing with intelligence as their money grows, see the clear writing on that wall with him, and others in other sports like him, the NBA has been filled with baller to broke ass for years, Allen Iverson for one, hmmm Ray see the the BIG holes, the mirage.

50 Cent sees it too and dissected it in his interview, he and the real Kingpin Jay Z are indeed The Business Man, not mere businessmen, or in Floyd’s case, just big earners for now at least.

I see these young bucks saying… Get Money! Yea, and I say, get brains with that money, what are you going to do with it, to keep it, and maintain it for years, to come?