Jan 23 2015

Boxing Training Tips: How To Maximize Distance & Leverage.

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Dec 27 2014

Boxing Film Study: Mike Tyson

Feb 8 2011

In The Gym Notes: We Are What We Do.

Here’s a clip I did awhile ago and it really hits home about our training habits. Sometimes students just don’t quite get it.

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Oct 12 2010

In The Gym Training Notes: Always Going Back to The Basics.

The basics win fights yet some young eager fighters overlook that trying to master everything while not achieving anything.

As dull as it may seem to some fighters, going back to the basis instills solid fundamentals that won’t let you down in the ring.

Repetition makes the master and good repetition is the mother of championship skill so get back in front of that mirror and work on your punching stance and footwork, work on your punching leverage and balance, focus on where boxing truly starts, from the ground up, then break the jab, right hand, left hook, and uppercut down again ( provided your an orthodox fighter ) work on you defense, foot and head movement.

Just go back to the basics like its the first time and then watch how much better you get and how the basics will never let you down when you need them the most.