Apr 23 2014

Boxing Training Tip: Between Rounds Of A fight, Start With This.

The best piece of initial instruction to tell your fighter between rounds is to relax and breath.

Instead of shouting and telling them 10 different things they will not be able to retain which is utter nonsense.

Breathing solves alot of problems.

Remember, calmer heads do prevail.

Breathe and relax first. Then the mind is ready to be fed instructions that can be carried out the next round.

Nov 29 2013

Boxing Tips For Beginners: Foot Work-In Fighting-Film Study.

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Feb 9 2013

In The Gym Training Notes: Learn How To Fight Before You Spar.

Gym notes from tonight. A kid can look good on the mitts and the bags but that doesn’t make them ready for sparring. I believe in and we employ pre sparring drills of parrying, slipping, rolling, weaving, stepping around and in.

This trumps sloppy sparring which can make a kid glove shy and instill bad habits from the start. I believe in this slow conservative approach. Ace couldn’t slip a jab tonight and kept pulling back, sparring session was over.

Drill that bad habit out with jab slip drills and ingrain the proper motor engram/skill. You can’t teach that in sparring when they aren’t used to having dynamic punches coming at them. Learn how to fight before you spar.

No sloppy sparring, haste makes waste and shit skill. Even with Mike who has 70 fights, we are slowing down the sparring to teach and instill stepping over and in, sliding out the back door and in. Rolling and making offense flow off the defense more fluently. Breaking it down and building it up.

Some fighters treat the ring like a dance floor, shaking their asses and dancing out of position to counter, being out of position to allow offense to flow from excellent defense I was VERY vocal about this tonight in the gym.

I constantly repeat to my guys, have pride in your defense, make a fighter earn a shot, don’t make it easy, have pride in your skills. Like a prime James Toney, Charlie Burley, Willie Pep, and Pernell Whitaker. Learn how to fight before you spar.

Apr 7 2009

Rob Pilger’s Boxing Gym Workout Chronicles #2