Aug 27 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: Using Indian Clubs For Injury Prevention.

Rob, What’s your take on using Indian clubs for shoulder and joint strengthening? I’ve had shoulder dislocations in the past (occurred during sparring) so I don’t spar any more but still do the workouts and train people, hold the mitts a lot, etc. Thanks, Bob

Bob, I love Indian Clubs in my own training and I have my fighters with or without shoulder issues use them too. Here’s a clip I did with Louie Simmons awhile back at my gym on the benefits and different motions of using Indian Clubs.

Feb 16 2010

Q/A: Combining Strong Man With Boxing Training Workouts.

Hi Rob!
I have started boxing again! It’s great.

But, I boxed Tuesday, did Z press (strict press from pins sitting down, tough on shoulders but a good strength builder) on wednesday, boxed thursday and on Saturday when it was my events day my shoulders were just really stiff and slow, my best overhead is 90kg and 70kg was feeling quite slow. This is the first week I have tried this new programme of mine, so I will try it again this week and see how I go at the weekend again.

Should I drop the Z press? Shall I replace it with bench or something to help my shoulders recover better but keep the strength up and improving??

One of my main weaknesses as a strongman is overhead but I am determined to show that you can be both strong AND well conditioned, so I am not dropping either boxing or strongman training.

I box tuesday thursday, wednesday I squat and press (strict), fridays was going to be another light squat session, and saturday or sunday events (deadlift, clean and press, moving events etc).

Any help would be appreciated sir!

Great to hear boxing is going well Charis.

It’s a new program and a new stimulation/ load/response to your body. That’s where it’s coming from along with boxing the next day and your shoulders should feel that way. When I perform a new heavy max effort over head or horizontal press and box the next day, I feel the difference it makes in my boxing workouts which isn’t always good. But I adapt and you will too by following some of these ideas.

Try adding some recovery methods after your heavy workouts, supplement with some quality aminos as well. If you’re going to box and do strongman you better take care of your muscle tissue by foam rolling everyday and getting some deep tissue work done as well.

Try using Indian clubs in your training. I haven’t had any shoulder problems and I lift raw.. fairly heavy perform boxing training 2-3 times per week. The Indian clubs have kept my shoulders, healthy, mobile, and strong. Louie describes how to use them below.

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Keep me updated Charis.