Nov 11 2013

Boxing Training Tips: This Is How You Learn To Fight.

Nothing beats great sparring, nothing. No mitt work alone, no strength/conditioning workouts alone, nothing…

Life in the ring IS unpredictable.

If you are predictable in your training you get your ass kicked in the ring being the same.

I say if their is one element in spp training (skill) that is always unpredictable, it’s great quality sparring.

You learn so much about boxing in this sparring session here between two of the best middleweights of the 90’s.

THIS, is how fighters get better.

Training tools are just that, tools that sharpen the fighter.

School IS in session with quality sparring and learning is enhanced and even speeds up.

Larry Holmes once ran out of the ring during the Olympic trials out of pure fear.

How did he become a boxing master and control the heavyweight division for 8 years straight with is controlling jab?

By being Ali’s sparring partner. By learning from his many sparring sessions with him, so many incredible lessons taught in each session….

Sparring IS school, this is where you learn to get your World Champion PHd.

Training tools, mitts, bags, etc, are tools to sharpen a fighter’s technique.

Sparring is unpredictable, real, raw, and where fighters grow to new heights learning how to fight, the intangibles, the pure live beast fighting is, it’s all in sparring.

Watch this clip, school is in session between two legends.

Nov 8 2013

Boxing Workout Tip: How To own A Gym For Under $100.

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Nov 5 2013

Boxing Training Advice: It’s A Fight Camp, Not A Fat Camp.

Funny on how Brandon Rios blamed weight training for him fading in the 2nd half of his fights with Abril and Alvarado.


So Brandon looking like a corpse at the weigh ins for both of the fights wasn’t the cause?

Being dried out with very little lean muscle wasn’t the cause of having no reserve in a tough 12 round war??

To fade fast and hard happened from trying to get stronger?

Do this, go ring out a wet sponge till no fluid comes out, keep ring it, where is the fluid???

That is a fighter dropping insane weight, dried out to the bone, so where is the endurance? The speed? The power? The zest to fight hard? The energy reserve??

Back in the gym in puddles of the floor from the in human process of shedding a lot of fat and muscle.

Of course THAT was the reason.

Yet Brandon is seen squatting in a piece of shit Smith Machine of all things in the recent Pacquiao/Rios 24/7 teaser!!!


No, let me restate that, he is quarter squatting.

Yet if Brandon would maintain strength training between fights it would regulate his weight gain where he blows up between fights, it would keep a lot of the weight off.

Build muscle to keep fat off, to keep it in check while laying the foundation for stellar fight hard all night performances flow from.

Doing nothing between fights puts all that weight back on quick since A LOT of the muscle was burned off the body to make weight in the first place.

Now training camps are fat camps. All about making weight.

Re hydrating and putting a shit ton of fluid weight the night before and day of the fight behind little lean muscle mass zaps a fighter, bogs them down, there is NO fast twitch muscle to be quick and explosive with!

WHAT do they have to perform off of? What do they have to fall back on?

Go to a drag race with a 4 cylinder engine and let me know how you do.

Where is the is the simple logic in this????

Nuff said.

Comment if not or with any thoughts of your own to add.

Oct 31 2013

Boxing Workout Tips: Manage This Catabolic Deadly Hormone For Better Fighting Performance & Better Life!