Mar 4 2013

Boxing Training Q/A: Punching Stance.

Hey Rob, i would like to ask something.i recently got jumped by some guys right, me and my friend. i myself am a ex-boxer so i was able to hold my own against the punks who jumped us. see, but there was one moment that a certain one of them cornered me and tried to knock me out with a fury of punches. i was able to grab him and reverse the situation and do the same to him but i couldn’t do it. i tried to throw punches on him while cornered and tried to do it fast but my stance kept messing me up.

in other words, if i have someone cornered and i wanna just demolish him with a shitload of punches, what should my stance be for me to be able to throw all those punches?

Eddie, ideally you want a shoulder width stance or slightly wider. You want a nice base to punch off of and for balance. If you have too narrow of a stance you will loose your balance and you will not be able to turn your punches over or drive through from the ground.

Punching power comes from the ground up. That’s why punching stance/base make or breaks your punching power. So while you are unleashing and ripping combos on that sucker you are digging into the ground with your solid stance. This is what good trainers call setting down on your punches.

It’s a crazy world out there Eddie, be careful! Please let me know if you need anything else.

Jan 31 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: When To Sit Down On Your Punches.

I started boxing and I was told I hit really hard. Turns out I was always getting set or flatfooted for power but Id burn out really fast. Now Im on my toes more and don’t hit NEARLY as hard. When should you get set and when should you be on your toes? Thanks, Stander

Stander, you never want to be flat footed. You loose power and make yourself slow with your feet. When ripping a combination you can set down on your punches while digging into the mat while ON the balls of your feet so you can pivot and push off your feet when you punch. You can’t do that when you are flat footed. You also can’t cut a quick angle to punch off either while being flat footed.

Being on the balls of your feet allows you to own rhythm with your hands and feet. You more efficient/effective offensively and defensively. That’s how you want to be. You are handicapped and leaving power behind being flat footed.

As far as burning yourself out, try not to load up on every punch and relax when you punch. Don’t be tense and breath between combinations. That is the key to staying punching power. That along with proper technique.

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