Mar 30 2011

In The Gym Training Notes: Closing The Window.

One of my fighters made a costly mistake in his fight last Sunday. After starting strong and having his opponent on the run fighting real defensive, he left the window open and got caught.

By window, I mean he left himself wide open to be countered and that’s what happened. He got stopped from the counter right hand that landed flush on his chin, just like that, the fight was over cause he didn’t close the window.

Keep your hands up is very common instruction in boxing yet so many fighters fail to understand the cost of dropping their hands till its too late.

It starts in skill work, many fighters drop their hands when working the heavy bag. What happens in skill training, appears in the ring.

My fighter is constantly working on keeping the window ( the window of oppurtunity for his opponent to counter ) closed by keeping a tighter defense and not getting too wild when punching.

Everytime you punch you leave an opening, remember that, remember to bring those hands back fast too and close that window before its too late. Having great power can be very costly if you are arrogant with it.

Comments? I want to hear them, has anything like this ever happened to any of you?