Feb 18 2013

Mental Toughness – What It takes To Be A Champion.

Here’s a piece of an interview I did with James Smith of the Diesel crew for his Best of The Best In Fitness interview series. It’s about mental toughness, the mindset of a champion. Enjoy.

Nov 1 2012

In The Gym Training Notes: Cycle Your Conditioning Means.

Finished my ME upper workout today with some jump rope tabata intervals while wearing a 40lb vest. When performed as they should be with balls to the wall intensity they crush you but what I find really beneficial is learning how to relax, breathe, and recover during your 10 sec incomplete rest between reps and longer rest between sets. It’s so uncomfortable with that vest on weighing on you (even more so with a heavier vest) almost like it’s suffocating you and being wiped out from the 20:10 work to rest ratio intervals it’s a battle in itself to focus on relaxing/regathering yourself, fighting the thoughts that goes through your mind that only intense fatigue elicits, while getting ready for the next set.

We are only as good as we can refocus and recover between sets, just like for a fighter in between rounds of a very fast paced grueling round, I don’t think enough coaches focus on intervals while wearing using tools like this and challenging the fighter through the mental aspect of recovery. That’s why you see some fighters when pushed to the brink fall apart in the ring or octagon because they haven’t mentally/physically been there in training with different challenging conditioning means, get there in the gym and get comfortable at handling intense fatigue and discomfort so nothing surprises you come fight night.

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