Mar 21 2014

I love using the maize ball with my fighters. Its an excellent tool to develop head movement and you also punch off that head movement as you slip the maize ball.

Moving your head causes a fighter to hesitate, if they hesitate they are ou…t of rhythm, having none, and that’s when you own and control them.

That of course is what boxing is all about, like chess, strategy and check mating your opponent with superior skill, strategy, and technique.

Here mma fighter Kevin Dupree is working it engraining head movement and his offense off of that.

Remember, offense flows off of sound defense.

Get and use this simple tool in your training.

Nov 11 2013

Boxing Training Tips: This Is How You Learn To Fight.

Nothing beats great sparring, nothing. No mitt work alone, no strength/conditioning workouts alone, nothing…

Life in the ring IS unpredictable.

If you are predictable in your training you get your ass kicked in the ring being the same.

I say if their is one element in spp training (skill) that is always unpredictable, it’s great quality sparring.

You learn so much about boxing in this sparring session here between two of the best middleweights of the 90’s.

THIS, is how fighters get better.

Training tools are just that, tools that sharpen the fighter.

School IS in session with quality sparring and learning is enhanced and even speeds up.

Larry Holmes once ran out of the ring during the Olympic trials out of pure fear.

How did he become a boxing master and control the heavyweight division for 8 years straight with is controlling jab?

By being Ali’s sparring partner. By learning from his many sparring sessions with him, so many incredible lessons taught in each session….

Sparring IS school, this is where you learn to get your World Champion PHd.

Training tools, mitts, bags, etc, are tools to sharpen a fighter’s technique.

Sparring is unpredictable, real, raw, and where fighters grow to new heights learning how to fight, the intangibles, the pure live beast fighting is, it’s all in sparring.

Watch this clip, school is in session between two legends.

Aug 26 2013

Boxing Training Tip: The Power Of Film Study.

It is a HUGE mistake not to study film of great technicians. A huge mistake.

If you are a boxing trainer and haven’t heard of Ezzard Charles and what he displayed and yet still teaches in his footage that forever leaves, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Trainers become THAT much better by studying the true greats.

No opinion, this is FACT.

Trainers that do not study do NOT take their craft serious, no, let me rephrase that, many don’t hone it to a craft, they don’t take the RESPONSIBILITY of teaching the true sweet science on boxing serious.


Watch this clip of Ezzard Charles, you will learn techniques that many coaches don’t even understand!!

Keep the bar raised high in boxing.

Trainers, study and hone your skills, fighters, fire cheerleader coaches and find hard to come by teachers, you fighters study the greats to master YOUR craft as well.

Soak in these truly brilliant words here…..

“Ezzard Charles was one of the greatest ring technicians that ever laced on a pair of gloves. His technique proceeded from his picture perfect posture and precise fundamental skills. Everything you do should be firmly rooted in principles. Do not train to become a compendium of maneuvers, but rather string together combinations of fundamental movements naturally as you progress.

This is the subtle brilliance of Ezzard Charles.” —Daði Ástþórsson