Apr 23 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: How To Build Strength & Endurance Concurrently.

Rob, is it possible to train and progress when you are simultaneously trying to improve performance that uses different energy systems. In other words, the age-old question. Can you train for strength and endurance simultaneously or does it hinder progress such that you would be better focusing on one before moving on to the other? Thanks, Chris

Chris, Yes you can train both at the same time this is the conjugate model I use in my gym and discuss in my book. You can train for max strength, speed, and muscle endurance in the same weekly micro cycle and build them up. Keep in mind boxing skill training is muscle endurance and so besides using barbell, kettle bell, db complexes we don’t use much high rep light weight workouts loading.

Yes you get better results training the anaerobic alactic, lactid acid (anaerobic glycolytic), and aerobic energy systems. They are ALL called upon in a fight and all must be trained but you can improve aerobic capacity using anaerobic intervals.

Also keep in mind that you must train for max strength when you are fresh for quality gains. You can conditioning after a max effort workout, I just wouldn’t do it before. You will only stop making gains if you are over training and not getting enough recovery. That is if your conditioning workouts are so intensive that they take away from your strength workouts. If you are going to use high cns intensive conditioning drills perform them after your max effort workouts on max effort day. So don’t perform a max effort workout on Monday then perform a sprint workout on Tuesday or some other high intensive conditioning workout. In between max effort lifting days you can use low intensive workouts. These workouts aren’t stressful to the nervous system, Swimming, running drills of <75 of your sprint, battling rope circuits etc... Follow a high/low method of planning strength training and conditioning and you will get stronger, faster, more explosive, while building solid endurance.

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