Mar 21 2014

I love using the maize ball with my fighters. Its an excellent tool to develop head movement and you also punch off that head movement as you slip the maize ball.

Moving your head causes a fighter to hesitate, if they hesitate they are ou…t of rhythm, having none, and that’s when you own and control them.

That of course is what boxing is all about, like chess, strategy and check mating your opponent with superior skill, strategy, and technique.

Here mma fighter Kevin Dupree is working it engraining head movement and his offense off of that.

Remember, offense flows off of sound defense.

Get and use this simple tool in your training.

Jul 29 2013

Boxing Training Tip: Hand Placement.

Here is a very important brief tip for ya…..

Remember when punching/striking, for as fast as you throw a punch, you want to bring that punch back faster.

Bringing your punches back slow and low opens the window up big time for you to get caught hard.

Counter punchers feast on fighters that don’t adhere to this fundamental law.

Don’t get laid out. Focus on this. Be aware…

I drill this hard into my fighters and you all best be doing ot too!