Oct 27 2010

Building Gpp & Work Capacity.

I’m questioned as to why we use the battling rope in this circuit and how this helps a fighter condition versus using more conditioning that resembles fighting like skill training on the bags and sparring.

Well, both work but the above circuits are awesome for building gpp and work capacity THAT allows you to spar more rounds and conditions you in different movement patterns and planes that boxing skill training alone doesn’t achieve.

My point is, this is supplementary training! This doesn’t replace all the bag work, it supplements and conditions the fighters in different ways.

I ask, why all the long distance running? Circuits are awesome for cutting weight and again, increasing stamina, work capacity, and mental toughness that all TRANSFER to improved sparring and fight performance in the ring.

Nuff said.

Feb 6 2010

Boxing Training Tips- Metabolic Boxing Conditioning Workout Circuit.

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