Jun 12 2013

How To Build Explosive KO Punching Power.

Jan 2 2013

Boxing Training Q/A: When To Add Explosive Power Exercises.

Hi Rob,

I boxed for around 6 years before getting injured a few years ago. I knew when I got injured I would come back to boxing one day and so decided to work on my strength.

I believe I have built up a good base… well, except my Squats – I’ve always struggled with that movement because of my injury, but since recovering they are going up. I weigh 75KG and my lifts are as follows:

Squat: 100KG
Bench: 125KG
Deadlift: 170KG
Press: 75KG

So, my question is: Now I have a ‘decent’ strength base, what should I be doing to turn this strength into power? Should I move to ballistic movements? I will be boxing around 4 days a week.

Anyway, I would like to say THANK YOU for the amazing youtube videos and contribution you’ve made to boxing and Martial Arts over the last few years. You rule, sir!

Marc, thank you for the words and I’m glad my videos help you!

Yes, you want to start increasing the rate of force development to transfer that strength into power.So you need to add reactive exercises into your training.

I strongly suggest to phase into plyometrics. Plyometric exercises elicit a tremendous amount of kinetic energy throughout your connective tissue, so your connective tissue must be strong enough to handle/tolerate the energy.

Learn first how to absorb force before displaying it. So for jumps, just work on quiet landings. For plyo push ups, work on landings/sticks. For medicine ball throws just work on the concentric throw. This is totally individualized but after say 4 weeks for the throws start adding the eccentric portion to the exercises. Ex. Catch the med ball upon throwing it.

For the plyo pushups, absorb the force in the landing position then explode back up. The same for the jumps, stick the landing and then immediately jump back up.

You can combine upper and total body power training exercises on the same day. Use 2-4 exercises with 3-5 sets and 5-19 reps. If you use only 2 power exercises you can use more volume. 5-8 sets.

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Feb 20 2010

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