Nov 18 2010

Q/A: Power Training Variables.

Here’s a question i got in regards to the size of the medicine ball used in this workout clip.

I have some questions though how long should I be doing those exercise? how my repetitions/sets? Does the 4lb apply for throwing medicine ball against the wall? I feel 10-15lbs is reasonable.

You can used reps or timed sets. I like to use time sets no longer than 15 seconds as that’s when the type 2b fibers fatigue and more reps will begin t make you slower.

Use a ball that you can throw explosively, again, the purpose is speed. If a heavier ball slows you down, technique will suffer too, keep in mind, junk in, junk out. The nervous systems will do what you train it to do.

As Al Vermail is quoted as saying.. ” Train slow, be slow.

That’s great practical advise when training for speed.

Mar 31 2009

Build Explosive KO Power With this Exercise!

Here’s one of my favorite exercise to build explosive KO power in the core and hips. Those that know striking know that’s where the power comes from.

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