Nov 7 2009

Q/A: Staying In Shape On a Tight Budget.

Hi Rob!
Hope you are ok.
I am short of money and cannot afford a bus pass yet, so I am trying to stay in shape with various forms of cardio.
I currently quite like rowing, both sprints and longer distances.

Any tips, any preferred methods of non-boxing specific cardio? Any methods to the madness?

Thanks in advance!

Charis, Grab a jump rope and do jump rope intervals with it, 30 secs. moderate, 30secs, as fast and as high as you can get your knees up.

Shuttle runs, sprints with incomplete rests, drills like sprint 30 yards half the intensity run 20, sprint 30, run 20 rest, repeat sets.

Body weight exercises in circuits, burpees, mountain climbers, cross jumping jacks, bear crawls, Ali Shuffles, all for 30 secs each. Rest 1 min. between sets.

If you have a kettle bell or two do some kettle bell circuits.

Grab some tape and make some boxes on the floor for a ladder and do different ladder drills for time.

Grab a sledge and beat a tire, if you have a wheel barrel load it heavy and walk fast for time.

That should help you out Charis

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Apr 27 2009

Lateral Sled Drag- Medicine Ball Training.