Aug 9 2013

The 10 Commandments Of A Strength Coach: When Training Fighters.

1. Thou shall understand that the skills pay the bills for the fighter/athlete.

2. Though shall understand that they addresses ONLY the needs of the fighter, while leaving their strengths alone.

3. Thou shall get more done with less so gpp does NOT interfere and take away from precious spp ( skill) training.

4. Thou shall NOT use a one size fits all shake & bake approach. The law of individuality is utilized with the fighter.

5. Thou shall have constant clear communication with the fighter & skill coach so changes, regressions or progressions can be made in gpp training.

6. Thou shall not kill the fighter by over training them with volume & intensity, but understand the demands of spp training & the ring when planning gpp training means and ONLY train according to the fighter’s readiness level that day.

7. Thou shall honor the skill coach by not trying to play a bigger role than them in the fighter’s training. A fighter fights in the ring, they don NOT lift weights in the ring.

8. Thou shall properly manage and educate the fighter on recovery & lifestyle changes (sleep, water, stress,) so the fighters results in gpp/spp are greatly improved.

9. Thou shall use proper exercise selection, training means, & intensity that correlates with the fighter’s training age/background and preparedness level, to greatly minimize any risk of injury to the fighter.

10. Thou shall understand these commandments and not be a distraction and hindrance or else they will be the first to be quickly fired.

Jul 25 2013

Hardcore GPP Training.

I set a new pr on the wheel farrow yesterday morning, this is 1330lbs

The wheel farrow is a great tool to build wicked work capacity, strength, endurance, stability, and mental toughness.

Think outside the box when training.

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