Jan 20 2014

We Build Youth From the Inside Out.

I was pulled aside by one of my students mothers tonight after training. She is a single mother, her son Issac has no father figure in life. She said I just want to thank you for what you have been doing for Issac. She said his grades are better and consistent, his morale is a 360 turn around, he helps her more around the house, and after workouts he is just more tranquil.

He was once very angry and disrespectful. He had no release for his energy and emotion. He is very respectful now Sherri says, you can see it in the gym that is for sure

Her friend that was with her said she is blown away by his appearance.

Isaac’s mother said being around alpha males is exactly what he needs. Since there is no male in his life at home.

And people think boxing gyms are brutal and barbaric smh…

I love listening to changes like this. We have several students in here with no father and they continue to change for the better.

The mothers say they love my gruff disciplinary approach, no nonsence, what so ever. That is the tone I set in the gym. No non sense, attitude, accountability, attention to detail.

Shit that isn’t emphasized anymore.

I have a lot of experience training youth like this, at risk youth, and kids from politically correct “good homes”.

They continue to teach me as much as I and my other coaches teach and shape them.

That’s the ultimate pleasure of being a coach, the internal change. Because for any external change to occur, it must first happen on the inside, and internal change happens from trust and respect.

The camaraderie that is built here, the team work, the friendship, with the many students and their different back grounds they have, makes our gym so unique and appreciated by our students.

I can see the change in their eyes and body language, I’m very firm with them, short, and to the point, and when they do their chores and cleaning tasks I have them do around the gym, they do them right with detail.

This is why I don’t train soccer moms, lol, and my gym isnt full of them! , my alpha coaching style and demeanor is meant for and brings out the best in others, the ones that really need it.

They continue to sign up here, and we continue to change them for the far better. Mentally, physically, and yes even spiritualy, and fight sport makes you more spiritual and in tuned with yourself.

Props to my coaches, they make this place what it is and I couldn’t it without them.

We do far more than get people in shape, changing lives is powerful and gratifying.

That’s what we strive to do at our gym, as nobody is just a face here.