Jul 18 2012

Boxing Training Q/A: How Tall Fighters Should Avoid Fighting On The Inside.

Coach Rob, should tall skinny guys that can’t really slip punches in the pocket just step back with the jab and follow with some head movement after a combo? with my body type i don’t think i should stay that close to a power puncher at any time. Thanks, Hugo

Hugo, You got that right, tall fighters don’t need to be on the inside with a power puncher. That’s fighting the power puncher’s fight. You can step back with a jab but the power puncher will just follow you. It would be better to turn him and pivot out of there. This way you get clear of his punches because you cause him to move his feet so he can’t plant. If you move back and jab, he can slip that jab and pounce on you because you are right there in front of him. There’s a better way.

Sliding to the side causes the power puncher to move his feet and turn with you. You want a power puncher’s feet moving and not planted to punch. Then when you slide out of the pocket you can take a half step back AND counter of that. That’s what boxing is about. Work on your footwork and how to pivot and step around your opponent. Drill this with a partner. Have them throw punches on the inside with you in a controlled way, have them lean on you and you work on pivoting around and out on your front foot.

So your objective would be to keep turning the power puncher when caught on the inside so you keep control. Use your foot work to keep your distance while keeping the power puncher at the end of your punches particularly your jab. Strive to box center ring while staying away from the ropes and corner where the puncher would like to back you to. Own the center of the ring, move that head, stay on the balls of your feet, and snap that jab!

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