Oct 25 2017

Boxing Training Tip: How To Roll With Punches

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Aug 23 2016

The Peak Is Only As Strong As The Base.

Just as max strength lays the foundation for special strength development, the aerobic system, once developed, does the same for the anerobic lactic and the anaerobic alactic energy systems making them far more efficient.

The highest peaks display the most developed and strongest foundations.

First things first.

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Jan 12 2015

Rob’s Rant: The Fountain Of Youth.

I’m supposedly 39 years old, my man Barrack Obama is handling the federal investigation of such an atrocious claim! He agrees whom ever wrote my birth certificate was on crack! But it doesn’t matter, I feel I’m at my best, and I am, for one I don’t age or age hard for that matter, and that stems from enjoying this ride of life and the active lifestyle I live, and the craft beer and buffalo chicken sandwiches and cheese fries I enjoy of course. Along with prolong bouts of looking in the mirror lol…

People tell me I don’t look my age. Well no shit, I don’t for a reason and never will.

You see for as volatile as I can be I’m also still a kid at heart, Ying and yang… whatever…..

I once trained a very prominent layer when I lived in NY and I’ll never forget how he said aging is cool with a confident superior swag (oh how I hate that word but it’s fitting here) to his step. Lee was at the top of his game, enjoying the process and the journey along the way. His attitude was intoxicating, I’m glad to have been shaped by it.

I always took note of the people over the years who were petrified of aging. Looking at them now they have aged HARD. Better them than me, Fuck that. We all have had someone from the past come up to us and we couldn’t remember who they are, frayed, worn, ragged from age and lack mindset.
Be that person who looks back at their high school, college years and laughs at how they looked, not missing how they ONCE looked and felt.

It is true… So from within, as with out….
Living a purpose is the elixir of vitality and forever youth. I was watching some coaches last night coach and warm up their fighters, I love watching good coaches coach. They are living that purpose. To shape a 9yr old kids life. That’s beyond powerful.

I love hearing about and seeing people get better with age, that’s what it’s about. And if you see what they are doing, (contributing) along with giving back to themselves (working out) along with stopping and smelling the roses, as in looking at the sky, up at the stars at night, yes, they are up there, not just on your TV, feeling their steps as they walk, the phrase being present in more moments. All that makes one feel human in a world of ever growing technology that continues to take the human out of humans. The pleasure and joy from that all instills aging with grace and not caring what the number of years you supposedly are…

Dec 15 2014

Boxing Lessons For Beginner Tips: Boxing Defense.

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