Nov 19 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: The REAL Sugar Ray.


On the eve of a pretty good middleweight championship fight, I thought it was only right to show a clip of the greatest middleweight that has done it thus far.

Ray Robinson was the truth and yes I’ve featured him before in my Throw Back Friday Edition but compare him with what you see tomorrow and that’ll bring to light just how really lacking some of these fighters are today.

Here’s my take on Ray Robinson, The real Sugar Ray as I have him ranked #1 on my all time P4P list.

Ray Robinson: 174 Wins/109 K.O.’s/ 6 Draw/19 losses/ 2 No Contests

A.K.A. Sugar Ray. Ray won the Middleweight title 5 times and was a true artist in the ring, Ray could do it all. Ray could KO you coming forwards and backwards. He could punch in using great angles, display nimble footwork, and amazing hand speed followed by frightening power. His ability to slip and move out of danger was amazing to see.

He was what you truly called a complete fighter. His grit and toughness were displayed in 6 bouts with Jake LaMotta, and several wars with Basilio, and Fullmer.

He fought the best out there, except Charlie Burley. He dominated for two decades and won his last middleweight title at 38! Ray’s pride was what kept him fighting so good at an advanced age.

Ray came close to winning the Light Heavyweight title against Maxim but succumbed to heat exhaustion. Though Sugar Ray was never physically K.O.ed.

That is what you call a great fighter. Displaying his skills against the best fighters he could fight. That was also proof of Ray’s undeniable pride. His willingness to show everyone that he truly was sweet as sugar in the ring.

Now watch for yourself.