Sep 4 2015

Beyond Crunches, Try This Core Rotation Exercise.

In striking arts, power comes from rotation. A strong pillar, and no, I’m not using buzz words here, pillar is a very fitting term as it ties the upper and lower extremities together and movement originate from the core outward.

Possessing a weak core leaves behind a ton of power and performance potential.

There are a myriad of rotational exercises to develop rotational core strength, then, power.

Here is a unique and challenging one for you to try.

Comment with any feedback you may have after trying it.

Mar 17 2014

Boxing Core Training Tip: The Best Abdominal Exercise.

Ab wheel
Pound for pound my favorite most effective abdominal exercise is the ab rollout with the wheel, a barbell, or rings/TRX.Why?Because the core & back muscles are trained synergistically contracting as a unit while maintaining a neutral spine (good posture) position. Compared to training the back and abdominals in isolation which can create muscle imbalances. Integration is better but sometimes i…solation to strengthen an imbalance in the kinetic chain is needed.

Isolate to then integrate.

Also, No extreme flexion that creates imbalances in the flexor chain ( neck, trunk, hip.) and beats up (compression) the lumbar region takes place with rollouts as you get precious thoracic extension in an ergonomically flexion ( driving, sitting, eating, etc) dominate world.

So the abdominal roll out is a corrective and core strengthening exercises. That’s a big bang exercises to use in your training, training economy, training smart. As you can see it’s really a total body exercise as well with the hip flexors, low back, thoracic, lats, triceps, shoulders, forearms, and of course the core working in conjunction.

Just some food for thought for you.