Jul 6 2009

It Sure Isn’t The Size Of The Dog In The Fight But The Size Of The Fight In The Dog.

Eddie Chambers proved that last weekend. He went to Germany weighting 208lbs and dominated the physically bigger fighter in Alexander Dimitrenko.


Alexander is 6’6 and came in at 253lbs. yet Eddie owned the ring. He was the faster, more skillful fighter that night. He was strong enough to drop Alexander several times as well.

All this while weighing 208lbs. and standing 6’1. Skill rules in the ring. The ability to use your smarts with hat skill allows a fighter to dominate when they appear to be out gunned on paper.

There’s far more to boxing than the gifts of physical size and strength. Watch Eddie’s performance again on youtube.com and see for yourself.

That was a boxing lesson and that was the sweet science being displayed. Great to see that some heavyweights still know how to display it.

Jan 19 2009

Berto Was Taught What He Couldn’t Have Learned In The Gym.

In this weekends tough and close fight against Luis Collazo Andre Berto gained some serious experience that he couldn’t have received any where else. This fight was a war and both fighters showed heart, will, and the substance of champions. For the record I had the fight 114-113 Berto. This was also the exciting fight HBO was looking to open 2009 with.

Going into this fight many doubted Berto’s talent and mental makeup. Some thought he hit a ceiling in his development. I don’t know why people thought this from a young and inexperienced fighter like Berto. I mean he’s only had 23 fights going into the fight with Collazo! What the hell do you expect from a young fighter with that many fights? Shit, they’re acting like he’s had 37 fights or something.

I think Berto proved a lot in this fight and he needed that experience badly. No longer will he, his team, or anyone else really should wonder how he’ll perform in REALLY tough/close situations against a good fighter. Berto gained some valuable big fight experience against a crafty, fast, and experienced fighter.

Andre learned a lot about himself in that fight just as we learned a lot about Andre.

The kid has 24 fights now and came through in a very tough fight that many other young champs probably would’ve folded in. Can everyone please shut the fuck up now and let this kid continue to develop?!

Based of this last weekends performance. I know he will.

*** Berto really needs to stop being so wild and sloppy at times when he’s exchanging. His lateral movement must improve to to take advantage of his vast strengths. A more consistent body attack needs to be developed as well. Head hunting gets you tired quick and leaves you open for counters as Berto found out last weekend.

PS: Big props to Luis. The dude has earned a rematch or at least another crack at another champion. How about Collazo-Clottey? Hmmm… That would be a pretty damn good fight!