Aug 10 2009

Choose Your Sparring Partners Wisely.

Top notch sparring partners are everything to your success in the ring. Recently I had a fighter spar with a less skilled and experienced fighter for several weeks as the other guys were tied up with their sparring partners. The results where not good. My fighter got worse because the other fighter basically brought out the worse in them.

The less skilled fighter was not able to capitalize on the mistakes and push this particular fighter like the more experienced and skilled fighters were. This will not happen again as I know better but sparring scheduling caused a problem. No more though.

Some fighters like to spar with lesser fighters so to shine more. What they are actually doing is detraining themselves.

Don’t make this mistake, get in with , more experienced fighters and watch yourself grow to new heights faster!

Feb 27 2009

More MMA Fighters Need To Do This Heavy Bag Drill.

I’m working with more and more mma fighters and I one area I focus on is defense.  Too many mma fighters are stationary targets and that’s why they get caught and KO’d.

I like to use this drill to teach them to stay sharp while punching the heavy bag, while also working on defense by moving laterally out of the way. See for yourself.

Feb 3 2009

Gym Notes: Establishing The Jab.

One of the rules I have in my gym is throw few single jabs. It instantly pisses me off if I see a fighter do it more than once. I get enraged if I see a fighter flick it or paw with it even more.

The jab is an awesome weapon when used correctly. When watching the Mosley-Margarito fight yet again I was impressed with how Mosley doubled and tripled up his jab. Doing that allowed him to land his power shots. The conductor that got Shane working the jab in that way was of course Nazim Richardson. He knows boxing and knows what the jab can do. The jab allowed Shane to do what he wanted to do to Antonio, keep him at bay, out of rhythm, and mesmerized by it.

Watch that fight again and see for yourself. Fuck those flicking jabs which Shane does still throw a lot of. Solid double and triple jabs allow you to control the rhythm and distance of a fighter. It just opens up many opportunities while closing the opposing fighters would be opportunities as well.

Need more proof on the potency of the jab? Study the great Larry Holmes and watch how he positioned fighters and controlled them with his jab. Yeah, he did it for eight years as heavyweight champion of the world!