Nov 21 2014

Boxing Conditioning Workout: Airdyne Bike HICT Training.

Love our airdyne bike but it doesn’t have a resistance option. So I created my own this morning with some ankle weights and super mini bands attached to them along with a purple band attached to the handles and across my back.

Brutal upper body resistance and my legs are feeling it to, can also feel it in my core with the arms reaching forward.

HICT workout, 3 sets of 15 min. 5 min rest between series. Intensity with the volume make this nasty but extremely effective increasing the aerobic capacity of your fast twitch muscle fibers so you can go harder longer.

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May 13 2011

Boxing Defense Workout Tip.

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Sep 17 2009

Do This To Crank Up Your Heavy Bag Workouts.

Here’s a great drill to use to crank up your heavy bag workouts.

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Jun 9 2009

One Punch That Doesn’t Let You Down.

Last weekend my boxing team and I made the long trek to Madison West Virginia for another boxing show.

This was Gregg’s second fight and he was up against a kid who was 9lbs heavier and three inches taller. The kid had the dimensions to cause Gregg problems but he didn’t. Why… Because Gregg got his jab pumping hard and fast early and he never allowed his opponent to get into a groove. I mean Greg was snapping his opponents head back!

Gregg followed up with hard right hands and strong body shots after the jab and the result of that work was two eight counts.

Even in the amateurs, a fight made easy by working behind a fast hard jab!