Feb 23 2009

Taking Care Of Business While Building it.

Miguel Cotto and Kelly  Pavlik both did what they had to do last weekend in crushing their over matched cannon fodder appropriately. Many still wonder if both of their recent losses  still affect them since their opponents didn’t pose much of a threat. They didn’t pose a threat because there’s nothing fucking lingering with Miguel and Kelly. Both put those losses behind them in their performances.  Weak opposition or not,  it’s time the media does the same.


While the opposition didn’t prove much Kelly proved he’s still a great draw with the rabid crowd that gathered to watch him lay hands in Youngstown Ohio.  Cotto also had a decent draw with near 12,000 people seated in Madison Square Garden in NYC.  Not bad for the weak opponent he faced.


Both made deposits for future fights against REAL opposition. When they step it up in their next fights expect more fans to step up to the box office to watch. Fighting in these fight hub markets is of supreme importance and it’s great to see that Bob Arum gets it. He’s rebuilding his two stars while increasing their current and future market value.  Current by getting them KO wins, ( Yes I know they were in soft, it still doesn’t matter ) . Future by wanting fans to see more when they’re in big fights.

Now that last weekend is out of the way both fighters can get back to real business by fighting the best opposition possible and available.

For boxing to keep it’s great momentum going it needs to stage fights in these hot fight markets more often. That’s why the Marquez-Diaz fight is going to be crazy… People LOVE their boxing in Houston Texas!

*** It was great to hear that Dallas Vargas won by 3rd round tko on the Pavlik-Rubio under card. I fought Dallas three times in the amateurs. He’s a gritty and tough fighter.

*** Speaking of Marquez-Diaz, I think it’s really going to be a better fight than most anticipate. Look for both fighters to put on great performances as both will bring out the best in each other.

*** I hear that Veron Forrest is in the mix to fight Kelly next. Under sized or not… Vernon can still fight and cause Kelly some major problems. I don’t like that fight for Kelly at all.

Dec 1 2008

Looking Back: Grading Arreola and Williams

Chris Arreola and Paul Williams weren’t exactly in big fights last weekend but they were still pretty significantly important.

Chris’s fight was very important for the reason of him being tabbed the real American contender. There was a lot of pressure on Chris for this fight, win and he’s closer to a huge fight with either Klitschko. Lose and he’s seen as a pretender and not the American contender that has been stamped on him.

When I saw how much he weighed at the weigh in I was extremely disappointed with he and his team. Coming in at 254 didn’t give the impression that he took this fight and the stakes serious enough.

I feel he had a tougher time than he should of had against Walker although it was a short but very sweet and exciting fight. Chris is a lot better fighter than he showed in appearance and technique.

Here are his grades.

Conditioning: D

Chris wasn’t pushed into the late rounds as team Walker had planned and hoped for so we didn’t get a good gauge of Chris’s despite his appearance. Taking his weight of 254 into consideration gives you the impression that it would’ve been disastrous for Chris to allow the fight to go that long. It didn’t. He won and he better be damn glad too.

Strength: B+

Chris is pretty strong, he showed his strength of will and mind by getting up and ending the fight before it got out of hand. Many fighters would’ve folded under Walker’s start. Chris didn’t and he must be praised for that.

Power: A

The left hook Chris finished Travis with was right on the money and just the power shot he needed to land to call it a day. Power can save your ass quick in a fight as Chris displayed.

Speed: C-

Chris has better hand speed and combos than he displayed last Saturday night. His weight slowed him down. If he comes in at 240 like he should you’ll see how quick and nimble Chris can be.

I feel Team Arreala dogged a bullet with the condition they came into this fight with. All that talk of Big Bear being great for Chris and he still comes into the biggest fight of his career thus far looking sloppy! They better get their shit together if they want to take advantage of their next opportunity and not be blown out.

Paul Williams

I thought Paul fought as good as a fight he could have with a bad cut early while winning the 154 WBO strap. I feel that this fight was a great experience for Paul. Verno is an older fighter but he is NO joke. Paul looked stronger at 154 than 147. His grades are as follows.

Conditioning: A

Paul through a lot of hard body shots and combos period leading to his eight round stoppage of Verno. You can’t do that if you’re not in shape. Paul was and he made sure the cut wasn’t a factor by his constant whirl wind punch put output.

Strength A

Like I said earlier Paul looks very strong at 154. Verno is not a weak fighter either and Paul bullied him around the ring. For being a wiry guy, Paul doesn’t allow himself to be bullied or looked like he’ll be blown over at any moment. Strength makes that happen.

Power A

Verno is fucking tough as hell. Any other fighter would’ve crumbled earlier under those viscous body shots that Paul was ripping. His was consistent and relentless with his power shots. If he was feared at 147 by the elite, makes you wonder what the best of 154 are thinking!

Speed B-

I feel Paul can be a bit faster. I don’t like how he hangs his punches out there sometimes. Against a faster fighter he’ll be countered on. I feel he can be faster and I doubt that he’s performing any plyo work. I would add some power training to his routine and then watch how the fear of him grows along with that new speed and power.

Paul is going to be hard to beat if he’s focused. I think he learned a lot about that in the first Quintana fight. The only way I see anyone beating Paul is if Paul comes into the fight drained and over trained from jumping divisions. Team Williams should settle into the 154 division for a bit set up a super fight with Vernon Forrest kick his ass then go to middleweight to cause havoc and terror their. One step at a time team Williams.. haste makes waste… being foolish jumping divisions could get Paul’s ass kicked.

Oct 14 2008

Under Developed and Exposed With Ease, Heavyweight Boxing at its Worst!

In Vitali Klitschko’s pedestrian win over Sam Peter last Saturday night we saw how ordinary and awfully undeveloped Peter was. I’m not taking away anything from Vitali, he fought his fight plan perfectly and used his tools of height and reach well. But all this shit team Peter was talking on how fearful and destructive Peter is yet he couldn’t get by a jab the whole night! I just shook my head in disgust! Fuck, I see open amateur super heavyweights with better technique and skills than Sam.

Young fighters are supposed to idolize and look up to the heavy weight champ. Well in former champ Sam Peter’s case he served as what NOT to be as a champion. Shit, he was the champion. At that stage you are supposed to display superior skills that got you to that stage. The belt is supposed to make you a better fighter, not a worse fighter in Peter’s case.

I’m not going over board here either or kicking Peter under the bus. His team should be ashamed and embarrassed with all this shit they been talking over the years yet sending a underdeveloped fighter in the ring repeatedly in Peter. Show balls and take away his will then power and you win.. easy! Vitali did that. Vitali doesn’t have a Larry Holmes jab either, yes it was good, but not THAT good.

I just don’t understand these teams thinking now a days. It seams like all the effort goes into pushing the fighter fast, finding the right deals, and building his image more than his skills! Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

Another thing i don’t understand is how some writers are forgiving Peter for his performance. BULLSHIT! He was the champion and QUIT with out much effort at all! Why forgive that?! That’s what young fighter should model in the champ? No it’s not ok to do that. It’s not ok to look so undeveloped that you can’t even slip a jab let alone use your feet to close the distance. I mean these are basic skills and they are undeveloped in the former champ Peter.

Some people probably think I over hype what I teach as forgotten skills in my boxing dvds and boxingperformance.com, but watching the heavyweight champ perform like a novice solidifies why claims.

I never bought the hype in Peter cause I like many others knew what wee were seeing. All hype and no skills.

I mean it looked like Vitali took his lunch money in the title back from Peter and gave the bully a reminding beating of it. That’s what it was. Peter made Vitali look better than he is by what he didn’t do. That’s the blue print to beat Peter. Master basic skills, show balls, consistency, then you’ll beat his ass and make him quit.

No excuses and forgiveness here. This is supposed to be world class championship boxing. Quit lowering the bar and raise it back where the greats proudly had it. Call it like you really see it or shut the hell up.

On a more pleasant note. Chad Dawson proved in his case that the belt and experience does make the fighter better in dominating Tarver. He showed skill, speed, defense, power and athleticism that lets you know that the best is yet to come. He’s only 26 and starting to blossom. However, all these talks of Dawson being pound 4 pound need to be silenced until he fights Glenn Johnson again who I thought beat Chad.

If he can beat Glenn impressively and without controversy then he is indeed pound 4 pound one of the best.

The thing with Chad is he wants to improve, he takes pride in the way he fights, he loves to hone his skill and demand more of himself. He studies the past greats and it shows when he fights. If Peter would have done this perhaps he could still be champ.

Lets hop Vitali doesn’t grow lazy with the belt and loose his hunger without defending it against a more than deserving and skillful fighter in Juan Carlos Gomez. If Vitali can beat Juan decisively, then we will know he is for real ass well.Just fighting Juan period will let us know if his skills are really that good or if Peter was really that bad.