Mar 1 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Lessons Learned.

There were several very important lessons taught by both Miguel Acosta and Brandon Rios in their fight last Saturday night for Miguel’s WBA Lightweight championship.

You had the boxer in Miquel and the relentless brawler in Brandon going into this fight. For the first five rounds, Miguel displayed how a gifted boxercan shut down an agressive pressure fighter. The first lessoned learned, was that Miguel wasted too much energy in moving around, much like Cotto did in his fight against Margarito. I mean, Miguel could have conserved MUCH more energy by boxing in tight, close circles. It would have had the same effect, and he would have had a lot more energy to follow his brilliant fight plan through.

The secound lesson taught was when Brandon kept chopping away at Miguel’s body and kept the relentless pressure up. Brandon’s constant and strong ring presence caused Miguel to wilt after a great start. The old time boxing adage is very true, Kill the body and the head will follow. Brandon was less talented, but kept the pressure and the body attack up till Miguel was right in front of him to blast away.

Both had very good fight plans in this fight, but Brandon was the fighter that stayed his course and followed it through to his title winning victory.

Brandon is another young fighter that brings more excitment to boxing. His style is very fan friendly. He’s like a Carmen Bassilio, Gene Fullmer, and more recent, Arturo Gatti style of fighting. He may not last long in this game, but he’ll make plenty of $$ and fans while he’s here. That is great for everybody.

Welcome young exciting champ! You’re just the type of fighter to keep boxing rolling along.

Dec 1 2008

Looking Back: Grading Arreola and Williams

Chris Arreola and Paul Williams weren’t exactly in big fights last weekend but they were still pretty significantly important.

Chris’s fight was very important for the reason of him being tabbed the real American contender. There was a lot of pressure on Chris for this fight, win and he’s closer to a huge fight with either Klitschko. Lose and he’s seen as a pretender and not the American contender that has been stamped on him.

When I saw how much he weighed at the weigh in I was extremely disappointed with he and his team. Coming in at 254 didn’t give the impression that he took this fight and the stakes serious enough.

I feel he had a tougher time than he should of had against Walker although it was a short but very sweet and exciting fight. Chris is a lot better fighter than he showed in appearance and technique.

Here are his grades.

Conditioning: D

Chris wasn’t pushed into the late rounds as team Walker had planned and hoped for so we didn’t get a good gauge of Chris’s despite his appearance. Taking his weight of 254 into consideration gives you the impression that it would’ve been disastrous for Chris to allow the fight to go that long. It didn’t. He won and he better be damn glad too.

Strength: B+

Chris is pretty strong, he showed his strength of will and mind by getting up and ending the fight before it got out of hand. Many fighters would’ve folded under Walker’s start. Chris didn’t and he must be praised for that.

Power: A

The left hook Chris finished Travis with was right on the money and just the power shot he needed to land to call it a day. Power can save your ass quick in a fight as Chris displayed.

Speed: C-

Chris has better hand speed and combos than he displayed last Saturday night. His weight slowed him down. If he comes in at 240 like he should you’ll see how quick and nimble Chris can be.

I feel Team Arreala dogged a bullet with the condition they came into this fight with. All that talk of Big Bear being great for Chris and he still comes into the biggest fight of his career thus far looking sloppy! They better get their shit together if they want to take advantage of their next opportunity and not be blown out.

Paul Williams

I thought Paul fought as good as a fight he could have with a bad cut early while winning the 154 WBO strap. I feel that this fight was a great experience for Paul. Verno is an older fighter but he is NO joke. Paul looked stronger at 154 than 147. His grades are as follows.

Conditioning: A

Paul through a lot of hard body shots and combos period leading to his eight round stoppage of Verno. You can’t do that if you’re not in shape. Paul was and he made sure the cut wasn’t a factor by his constant whirl wind punch put output.

Strength A

Like I said earlier Paul looks very strong at 154. Verno is not a weak fighter either and Paul bullied him around the ring. For being a wiry guy, Paul doesn’t allow himself to be bullied or looked like he’ll be blown over at any moment. Strength makes that happen.

Power A

Verno is fucking tough as hell. Any other fighter would’ve crumbled earlier under those viscous body shots that Paul was ripping. His was consistent and relentless with his power shots. If he was feared at 147 by the elite, makes you wonder what the best of 154 are thinking!

Speed B-

I feel Paul can be a bit faster. I don’t like how he hangs his punches out there sometimes. Against a faster fighter he’ll be countered on. I feel he can be faster and I doubt that he’s performing any plyo work. I would add some power training to his routine and then watch how the fear of him grows along with that new speed and power.

Paul is going to be hard to beat if he’s focused. I think he learned a lot about that in the first Quintana fight. The only way I see anyone beating Paul is if Paul comes into the fight drained and over trained from jumping divisions. Team Williams should settle into the 154 division for a bit set up a super fight with Vernon Forrest kick his ass then go to middleweight to cause havoc and terror their. One step at a time team Williams.. haste makes waste… being foolish jumping divisions could get Paul’s ass kicked.

Nov 24 2008

Adding and Not Taking Away. Floyd Sr. Knows What He’s Doing.

I gotta give Floyd Sr. his props. Ricky looked a lot better last weekend with his improved head movement, lead right hand and right upper cut inside.

This was much needed improvement and with only seven weeks to prepare Floyd Sr. had Ricky ready for what really was a make or break fight. With his improved style Ricky has added at least another good year maybe two to his boxing life.

I was hoping not to see Ricky rolling his left shoulder and twisting to much with his torso to try and evade shots. It was kinda of a surprise to see Ricky still smother his opponents with his blitzkrieg style while banging away at anything he could. Many thought Ricky would perhaps take a more cautious route with Floyd. That wasn’t the case as the much needed head movement along with his aggressive style was still present.

Floyd Sr. is smarter than I thought. He’s adding the obvious to Ricky while making sure not to take away his trade mark style that he’s famous for. The damage has already been done though due to Ricky’s horrible lifestyle. That’s another story in itself.

Floyd Sr. was hired because team Hatton wants to preserve what little ring life they have. From the looks of it and with more time to work together it looks like that goal will be accomplished.

I just hope with the added time we don’t see Ricky trying to do what Oscar did working with Floyd. That’s emulate the style that made his son Floyd Jr. great. That’s not going to happen with Ricky.

All Floyd has to keep doing is add while not taking away and he’ll be making more big money along with Ricky.