Don”t Forget To Create A Life, In This Life.

I never understood the traditional view of retirement.

Work your ass off, save, for your kids college, which in my opinion is ignorant, work even harder to take the scraps left over to invest in your own retirement, work as much overtime as you can to provide, Fit in kids activities along the way, while neglecting your health, you slowly erode and make it to retirement, unhealthy, clueless of what to do with the huge void of time, not having any hobbies or collected interests to fill it with and hating your wife because you finally get to know her being around her all the time and this is partially a joke, that happens a lot with empty nesters.

People die in retirement from boredom and lacking purpose, something to get them out of bed and motivated.

Empty time is a quick death.
Sleeping in and fucking around gets old quick.

This is real.

Some fill their time reading obituaries or newsletters from their former employer and seeing who died, former friends who couldn’t wait to retire.

Make a great living for you and yours, but don’t forget to create a life that will keep you alive for the long run

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