Gym Life: Bein g A Coach.

One of my favorite fighters I’ve trained from scratch, Bryant Robinson back in the gym, out of shape but it’s great to see him and have him around.

He started here when he was 16 and for years I would take him to the bus stop after the gym, leave the gym to go pick him up downtown from the main bus stop hub, give him $$ to ride the bus, and take him home on the Eastside when he missed the bus.

I did it because I am his coach and I enjoyed watching him fight when working his corner, I was proud that he was started from scratch here and excelled when I matched him TOUGH, some of the things he would naturally do in the ring amazed me, all that was worth the bus fare and driving him around.

His life evolved, he found other interests, rapping for one and being very good at it to create a solid name for himself, I was still severely disappointed to see him leave boxing.


It feels great to see him in the gym

Again training, he says he wants to give it another go, we will see.
But having him around and the memories and great experiences we both have had as they come back, makes me feel really good.

The game can break your heart and also pump it full of life, that I know through my years in it

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